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HELP -- Nervous 1st-time grower ((is my plant ready to harvest?))

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    HELP! HELP -- Nervous 1st-time grower ((is my plant ready to harvest?))

    HELP please .... ((First-time grower with perhaps the saddest cannabis plant y'all have ever seen.)) i used a magnifying glass to look at my buds this morning. but am still not sure if my plant is ready for harvesting. 🤷🏻🤦🏻
    one by one, the leaves are turning yellow. in hindsight, i now know this planter-pot is WAAAAYY too small. i considered transplanting it into a bigger pot, or into the ground -- but was afraid the shock would kill the plant.
    should i harvest now? or wait? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Ok, sad plant yes. Sorry!
    But a learning experience none the less, right?

    In my opinion you are still several weeks from harvest.

    Some more info regarding the grow would also be helpful for everyone here. Let's see what they have to say.


      Hi 9ToadWonder, here are two photos from the latest GWE newsletter, which by the way, is specifically about harvesting outdoor grows. How timely, eh?! You may want to sign up!

      The first picture is a flower not ready for harvest/prime time (HA!). Note in that first pic how the pistils are all white and standing upright. These look quite similar to your photos. Now note in the second photo how the pistils have curled and turned brown. Not something we want to see in leaves, but it's exactly what we want to see in our flowers. This flower is in it's prime time and ready for harvest!

      For me, as a second year and outdoor grower, I would get rid of those completely yellow leaves. I trim yellowing leaves when they're 50% or more yellow. It's a judgement call. I'd be interested in hearing from other more experienced outdoor growers about what their trigger line is for trimming yellowing leaves.

      Edit - I can't get either of those two photos to appear fully when I click on them. Just a little bit of the photo's top edge appears at the very bottom of the page. None of the picture itself is visible.
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        It is my understanding that the leaves yellow when flowering begins as the plant focuses energy into the buds. Stankybud​ is giving some good advice, I would feed it something tuned to budding or flowering stage. Your plant won't look so sad when the colas are supported by sticks.
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          You probably have another month to go


            When you were looking at your colas did the pistils turn reddish or brown and are they curling into the buds. When they do that start looking at trichomes on buds not sugar leaves. And definitly needs feeding. more info maybe needed.
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              That's how my 1 plant looks that i did'nt feed nor do much to other than water it. It was a extra clone so i just stuck it in the dirt in my flower bed. It looks a bit greener but same size of buds. Give it some food.
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