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2nd grow in progress

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    2nd grow in progress

    Hello Grow Family, second auto run in the books. Fruit by the Foot. No issues with this grow. Smells fruity citrusy with a hint of gas

    I also have 2 🍒 pie photos in the 4x4. I had them in veg too long. (had no choice). Plants are around 6ft. tent is 8ft. I topped a little and super cropped as well. This is my first photoperiod run and 2nd grow overall. Today is day 17 of flower. I will defoliate one last time this week and see what happens. Any suggestions on my space issue may help and is appreciated other than that I hope y'all enjoy the picks and make sure too KEEP ON GROWING IT! 😂

    Looking good, man nice job


      You got it going on there. I especially like the sea of green pics. Thanks for sharing.


        Howdy Jroc, looks like an early freeze with all of that frost showing! LOL! Good job.
        Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          Hey thanks alot folks. Just plugging along and trying to improve!

          I really appreciate the comments!

          Happy and Peaceful Growing to y'all and remember to KEEP ON GROWING IT


            Holy smokes, if those first 7 pics were your second grow autos you are showing off. If I ever come close to that I will be happy. How old are the autos and how tall were they when the started their flowering? Great job!


              Nice grow you got there, good work.
              Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


                Good day to my grow family. Thank tou for the comments. Satyaban, the autos were 90 days old from seed to harvest. Fruit by the Foot autos crom Atlas. They say 70 days to harvest. I like a bit more amber in my trichomes.
                I did not keep a height measurement for this grow as I was bending and manipulating the plants shape during the short veg period.

                I think the main thing that I have learned quickly on my first grow is NOT TO OVER WATER YOUR AUTOS.

                Preferably, I would direct sow in to final pot. I am ising 5 gal smart pots but for this grow I started in a dome and transplanted in to final pot and moved in to grow tent. I think it's difficult to over water in solo cup or or rooting cubes. It's the bigger pot that can be a challenge.

                Water very lightly until plant starts to grow bigger and establish her roots. As she grows gradually increase water for example if you are at 500ml water then I increase to 1000ml water for a couple of waterings then as she continues to grow I increase to 1 and half liters to 2. From 2 to a gallon when the plant is in full bloom I am now watering to run off which is approximately 2 gals in a 5 gallon pot. I water every 3 to 4 days using this method. I learned that by watering from wet to dry method (picking up pots and checking weight). Do this when you first plant your baby girl. Remember what it feels like before watering. Then lift again after watering and remember as nest you cam that weight. As she grows just increase as you go and watch your girl grow.

                Keep in mind genetics environment will play a factor as to how big tour plants grow.

                I don't know if you wanted all that info but if so I hope it helps your grow. Well this is what worked for me and I did not figure this out until the end of my first grow. I had really good results but struggled with watering. I planted six seeds 5 popped so I planted another a week later. I struggled as a new grower until the end of the grow. The plant that was behind looked sad one morning and her leaves were drooping when the night before she was fine. I decided to lift her up out of the tent and realized she was very light and that reminded me of when I planted her (the weight of the pot). So I watered her til run off as this was late in the grow and I monitored her and lifted her pot for 3 days. On the 3rd day she felt light but bot like before. So I waited another night and came in in the morning and saw that same sad look droopy leaves. I watered and came back a little later and saw her leaves had lifted back up. THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!

                This grow I watered using that method and did not have one single issue during the grow except a little nute burn towards the end. I will be working on correcting that with multiple grows and nutrient amount adjustments.

                I goal was to help and not to bore.

                Peace and Happy Growing to y'all and remember to JUST KEEP ON GROWING IT


                  Sorry for the typos but these buttons are too small for my fingers 😂


                  • Satyaban
                    Satyaban commented
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                    I can't get too much advice, meaning at the moment having too much advice is like having to much bliss, there is no such thing. Before I get off on a tangent I have too say that since I had no reference point or base feeling to do the lift thing, and to spare aged back, I said to myself I am probably giving them too much water as a beginner mistake. In the earliest days I always felt I should be doing something and water was it. I have higher moisture at the bottom than at the top so the roots found the hot soil after letting them dry a bit and seek the bottom. I use a two pronged
                    I have 7 plants, 1 too many, and have treated each differently. ! plant wasn't topped, 1 plant was topped twice and stressed, 1 plant was topped once and stressed and the others I don't remember too tough. Because all 7 seeds germinated and only 6 5gal bags ready I put 2 seedlings in one 5 gal bag and later transplanted. I couldn't bring myself to trash them, maybe I can clone off them.
                    I was taught metrics when the USA was making a big move in preparation of an expected national switch, well the nation change didn't happen and I am an old money man.

                  Hello grow family. Chimed in to give an update on my 2nd grow for any members interested.

                  Here is a few pics, today marks end of week six bloom. One more week or so til flush. Smells like a pastry shop when you open the tent. Very pleasant!

                  Girls are under the ProGrow640. Light is 12 inches from canopy dimmer set at 60%.

                  Peace and Happy Growing to y'all!


                    Your buds are beautiful, I wish I can do as well. I think everyone is interested in each others grows, that is one of the reasons I am here. Why are you going to do a flush?


                      Hey Satyaban good to hear from you. I will flush to wash out left over nutrients in the soil. The plants will then use up what is stored in their leaves. As they do this the plant will start to fade and prep for the end. Perhaps fattening up a bit more and increase potency. At least that's the hope.

                      These are my first photoperiod plants, everything I am experiencing is a first. I will know more after the grow. At least that's my plan


                      • Satyaban
                        Satyaban commented
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                        I ask because as with everything else there are varying opinions on it. Your logic seems sound to me. I think you can turn your lights up through flowering, maybe someone else will be more informative but I kept my lights at 75% through most of veg and am going to turn them up tomorrow.

                      I would have like to turn the lights up but my plants grew too close to the light, even after super cropping. If I turn the light up I will be in the range where you have to add co2 I believe and I am not doing that. This light needs to be at least 30 inches away at 100% or risk light burn slow growth etc..
                      At least that's what I'm thinking. Also when growing outdoors the sun's intensity diminishes as you enter the harvest months depending on where you live I guess.

                      Anyway I also read that you have to be careful with your lights intensity towards end of bloom because you could damage trichomes.

                      As far as proof, I myself have not experienced this. I will purchase a par meter in the near future.


                      • SoOrbudgal
                        SoOrbudgal commented
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                        Hey man your grow method with the light is right there, do not change what your doing. No one here can say what the don't know about the light it's a powerful one so do what your doing don't change anything they look fantastic. Only you the grower can decide and you have done very well with this grow you are the expert now. Keep doing what your doing great job.

                      Wow, SoOrbudgal, you really put a smile on my face. I say humbly thank you for your compliment! So we have one last feeding. Trichomes are showing some amber as well. Buds are fattening up as well. A really nice purple color. Showing traits from GDP parent I would presume. Last feeding tomorrow then flush. I am in Promix 5 gal fab

                      Hope tou enjoy the week 7 update.

                      Peace and Happy Growing to y'all


                      • JeffInCanada
                        JeffInCanada commented
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                        Damn, looking real good! Beautiful! Good work!

                      Thank you very much Jeff.


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