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    Very nice jroc. Those are lovely. Now I'm excited as Ive got a few freebies from atlas. Never tried them before but you make them look Worthy.
    keeping it green with the soil thing
    love me some frosty autos
    Mephisto run. yeah i know spellcheck
    the fruit basket
    blue strawberries in a four assed galaxy


      Good to hear from you going2fast yeah my neighbor just harvested a couple of those. He loves the strain. He grew his outside. Hope tou enjoy your fruit when she's finished!


      • SoOrbudgal
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        Well i just had to take a look at the Atlas seed site since you posted these beautiful pics. Boy they seem to have some beautiful genetics limited strains but very nice. Fruit by the foot dig it.

      Hey there SoOrbudgal, let me tell you about Fruit by the foot: FIRE.

      BTW today is harvest day. EOW 8, Day 57. Unknown strain and πŸ’ Pie. Some white hairs on the top wont turn red. I been watching those few sites for 2 weeks. I think it's the light. I got more on that for you later if you want the iinfo about light distance and intensity. After our last contacts the subject been on my mind. So I broke down and finally got a par meter 640 bucks. I figure its a good investment if you plan to stay active.

      Back to the grow. Lower bud sites pistis have all turned red. Trichomes all have some amber mix throughout most bud sites all. I just feel its time to harvest now instead of waiting to see if those few hairs will turn color
      Left 2 pics unknown and cherry pie on right. Trich pics are from both girls

      Keep on Growing it!


      Originally posted by Jroc View Post
      Hello Grow Family, second auto run in the books. Fruit by the Foot. No issues with this grow. Smells fruity citrusy with a hint of gas

      I also have 2 πŸ’ pie photos in the 4x4. I had them in veg too long. (had no choice). Plants are around 6ft. tent is 8ft. I topped a little and super cropped as well. This is my first photoperiod run and 2nd grow overall. Today is day 17 of flower. I will defoliate one last time this week and see what happens. Any suggestions on my space issue may help and is appreciated other than that I hope y'all enjoy the picks and make sure too KEEP ON GROWING IT! πŸ˜‚
      La veritΓ  Γ¨ che si apprezza che siano cresciuti molto e stiano molto bene. Ho anche una piantagione di questo tipo e lo consiglio ogni volta che puoi scommettere sul fertilizzanti coltivazione, Γ¨ il migliore per questo tipo di piante.


        Happy Saturday to my Grow Family. Hope all is growing well.

        So my 2 girls are drying. I took a small somn somn from the bottom for a sample couldn't resist. Thought I'd share a pick of the nugs. They are dense, dried it out in piece of paper bag on top of the tv. Dried enough to smoke in 24 hours. πŸ’ pie is tasty and pretty potent. I let my brother try (long time stoner 80's) as myself. His review after first toke was "I can taste some berry like flavors and did not comment again. After the second or third pass of the blizz he looked at me and smiled and said "ohhh yeah I can definitely feel this, this is good, taste just needs to come in some more". He sys its pretty smooth already. I assume the smoke will get better in all fractions after the dry and cure.

        I shared that because I don't want to be biased. I had already sampled and formed my opinion. I could also taste the beery flavor a little more than he said he did. I knew the smoke was good because I was pretty nice off the first sample. When I took a hit of this I could feel the effects pretty quick it really does put a πŸ˜ƒ on your face. I knew my brother was high because he kept on rambling as I could not get a word in so I sat back and smile and enjoyed the moment.
        This novice grower long time smoker gives Cherry Pie the thumbs up. Definitely noble of running this strain for a while. I will know more once final processing is complete. BTW I wouldn't throw the unknown strain off the bus either. Nice smell good smoke, just unknown but indica dominant.

        Hope y'all enjoyed my short story and the pics
        Until next time,





          • SoOrbudgal
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            I love that is great. This is why we love growing our own

          Well you can sure say that again. You know what I live about it. There are many. 1 when tou harvest you can take a sample and kinda know what you will be working with I will skip a few and go to my ultimate: you get to choose what you want. For example, just harvested 2 strains πŸ’ pie and unknown BTW it's fire I should have saved a clone. Anyhoot back to my story, I got those 2 drying I got 2 Gold Leaf and a Super Skunk out doors almost ready (3wks to go) and I just picked up 2 free clones from MASS MEDICAL STRAINS Star Pupil and Sour Pupil. Got a whole bunch of seeds multiple strains. This seed co. was recommended to me. They been pretty cool as well so I gave em some business. They have some really interesting and exotic strains. Go MASS Medical.
          point being if all grows well I will have at least 5 photo strains to choose from and I will always keep an auto going different strains for different causes throughout the winter.

          Love Y'all and

          Peace SoOrbudgal and what's your thoughts on that and what you got growing on my friend?


            Hello Grow Family I hope all is growing well.

            Final results are in under Grow Light Science ProGrow640.

            Grow finished at 12 inches above canopy at 80% intensity.
            Par meter I purchased last 2 weeks of grow. Meter readings were 1050ppfd at highest canopy peak and ranged from that number thru 800's ppfd around entire canopy. Ppfd readings were in 600's about 12 - 14 inches beneath canopy. I did heavy defoliation for light penetration .The buds on the bottom were not larfy, they were dense but too small for mee. If it fell thru the trim grate its too small.

            Y'all saw the pics so this is what I got. Cherry Pie: 260 total grams. 196 of smokeable bud and 64 grams of small buds trim for other usage.
            Unknown strain 214 grams of smokeable bud I did not weigh the trim on tgis one but it was less.
            474.9 total grams under this light. 1 gram per watt is the standard I believe?

            I would say I am extremely impressed and surprised at the yield. I dis not expect that.

            I am harvesting my outdoor grow this week. Here is a preview pic. Had to take a cut due to some bud rot plus it's a great time to dry out a sample cut.

            Gold Leaf day 50 week 8 bloom
            Take care and KEEP ON GROWING IT


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