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42,000 plants taken

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    42,000 plants taken

    There she be, a grow got theirs, they could not live inside the laws here in OK, and just had to do interstate distributions. Sad just sad to see all those luvleys go down. But they followed truck loads out of the grow and right across the state line. Big boys you are being watched!

    Here is a link to the article:

    Those were some beauties!
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    • quirk
      quirk commented
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      Thanks for the link. I'd like information about the grow lights. It appears to be bulbs and tubes. But I've got cataracts.
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    I hope they bust all those cartel style operations. Its giving regular growers that are trying to do it right a bad reputation. Destroying legitimate mom and pop businesses, they can't make any profit at $500 a pound. The dispensaries that are buying up all that product need to be held accountable too.
    DIY 4x12 Farmacy box w/2 4x4x6 grow areas
    TrolMaster HydroX runs the whole show
    Dual tank Co2 injection w/ rain tubing
    10000 btu thru the wall A/C / 5000 btu heater
    50 pint dehumidifier/ cool mist humidifier
    8" intake fan w/ hepa filter / 8" exhaust fan
    2 Timber Fatty-vs COB 950 watt draw fixtures
    w/ added 4 2ft T5 Pure UV bulbs on each fix.
    2 DIY Hybrid DWC 5 gal bubble bucket systems w/ 55 gal reservoirs w/ PH dosers
    2 2"x2"cyl.stones in each bucket, 8"disk in reservoirs
    GH Flora series (entire line) + Orca
    Grow 3 = Blueberry 1 dwc 1 soil.
    . Cherry pie 1 dwc 1 soil
    Soil is great lakes "just add water" in 7 gal fabric bags


      Quite the grow. Thanks


        They are trying to get control of this area of the market, I wonder how they followed them, drones maybe? And what about the workers that may not have known what management was doing?
        Me myself and I think we need to restructure the grow license. As it is now the deep pockets can grow all they want, while the little folks can only do what they can afford to do (then go under). What I would like to see is something like this for 1-100 plants, 101-1000 plants, 1001-10,000 plants, 10,001 - 100,000 plants and so on with each level costing more so the little folks that live in this state can get their foot in the door. Then issue no further permits to out of state investors, keep the money here.


        • RetiredGuy
          RetiredGuy commented
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          I agree, I am from Maine and know somebody who had a small grow operation and was licensed by the state. He recently shutdown his operation because prices were way too low after too many people were licensed by the State to grow. Despite low prices to the growers, the dispensary prices in Maine are ridiculous!

        • Ckbrew
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          Over supply, mixed with greed. I saw one dispo that wanted $600.00/oz. I would never, ever...

        • Gingerbeard
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          Finding even a minor league grow is super easy to find. Spend a few minutes on Google Earth and you can find out what's going on around you. Either greenhouses in cleared forest patches or rows of sun-grown plants.

        I'm using a phone so bear with me....I had to chime in at this post very near & dear.
        I don't don't grow large but have many friends who do smaller legal grow operations state licensed. W
        e've had recently several very large illegal grow busts similar to this one. It's gotten so bad that they are not issuing new licenses because of the flood of massive flows of illegal grow. Human trafficking, poor working conditions, shootings and chemical dumping...
        Those are the practices we rec an small legal and large legal growers saw coming. Everyone knew about the wild west how under staffed how stupid it was to think this was going to slow down the illegal growers. People are being shot and harassed for living near these sites. It's so flooded here we see these busts weekly in Oregon.

        Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

        Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
        indoor/outdoor grower
        1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
        1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
        I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
        Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
        Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
        Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


        • Ckbrew
          Ckbrew commented
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          The smell of easy money has a very strong appeal...

        I have heard new licensing here is on hold also, one of the reasons is the waist water. Another is someone thinks there are way to many grows now.
        The mafia is not going to take this easy, they have made fortunes with it while it was illegal, now they will fight to keep a market share. But as I understand this one, it was licensed.
        I dont go to the despos, I could if I needed, so I dont keep up with the current prices but I have not heard anyone saying it went down. I did hear of a place offering $50 OZs, and what I was shown looked/smelled nice, but it was a 420 sale.


        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          420 sale here was four 1/8ths for $140. Best normal or deal prices are $300/oz.

          Another thought, my nephew gets stuff from a guy. Blue z..z was hard and manicured like dispensary weed but not that strong. Do dispos dump bud like that on the street if the % tests out low, instead of processing it into other forms?

        • Rwise
          Rwise commented
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          The grow next to me sent 1000 males to be blown into oil, and I hear one can walk up and get weed from them. So IDK.

        Puglover1 Per your Post #7.1.
        I've been curious if commercial and boutique growers grow autos. Probably not. Just curious. Maybe more probable that the collective persons eponymously known as 'A. Guy' would do it for quick harvests? Great buds but not high-grade.
        More elephant!



        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          His friend has a good job, hides what he moves from his wife, he has kids in school and sports. I don't know if he gets everything from one source, or not. He gets different strains, concentrates and cartridges. The price isn't worth it to me, if I hit dispo deals the quality is worth spending a little bit more. But it always seems like dispo buds trimmed, not from home growers. And I'd never vape a questionable cart.

        • Smallgrow
          Smallgrow commented
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          My understanding is that some big growers are starting to turn some attention to autos as genetics improve and they realize some benefits, like light schedule ( no need for light dep anymore). If they can be used to get another crop per year you bet they will.

        Here in Ontario were we have had legal rec since 2018 there are still a tonne of problems. Only in the last couple months have the authorities finally declared a 54% share of the market is now legal( of course they have no real way of knowing the illegal size). They are pushing out a lot of info about how bad, or miss labeled illegal weed products can be. Here’s an article if your interested.

        KIS mix organic living soil from Black Sallow soils in 7gal. pots
        Black Swallow Organic Bloom mix top dress before flower.
        Reusing soil with Black Swallow nutrient pack between grows
        Maybe some compost teas
        Blumat watering system
        Microbial Mass and other microbial boosters(Wallace)
        3x4x6’ tent
        Photontek 465wpro
        6” AC Infinity outdoor air in and out, humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, oscillating fan.
        Inkbird controllers heat/humidity​


        • Ckbrew
          Ckbrew commented
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          One view could be that this is all propaganda, another would be that this is nothing new and has been the standard for years. I would be more concerned with underground cannabis is being laced with fentanyl, a strong argument for growing your own.

        I agree with CK, I’m very concerned with fentanyl lacing. It’s the leading cause of death in the US for 18-45 yr olds now.
        The numbers of victims last year is the equivalent of two jumbo jets crashing with no survivors each week.
        It’s a national emergency that is being ignored.
        Photo Grow: 2 Strawberry Cough
        Manifold Training
        4x2x6 Grow Tent
        (2) ViparSpectras 450W LED
        AC Infinity Cloudline T6 & Carbon Filter
        Extra Fan, Humidifier
        FFOF Soil
        FF Trio Nutes
        Temp: 80* RH: 50%
        Well Water Adjusted to 6.5 ph


        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          Please call it illegal or illicit fentanyl. Undereducated, opinionated people jump to thinking it's the legal Rx pain medicine. Be hard to bang a plastic patch. I see more attention paid here, trying to provide free fentanyl test strips and needles. The DEA is ignoring it, happier to go after doctors who were legally helping pain patients, they seize all their assets so they can't properly defend themselves. DEA's been rogue since I can remember. The Texas governor's truck tie-up at the border could've caught a bunch but all they could do were safety inspections on the vehicles. SMDH.

        • MysticMimi
          MysticMimi commented
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          Yes, Pug, that’s exactly what I meant. Manufactured in Mexico with fentanyl from China. It’s easy to transport in pill form, especially with an open border and paid off politicians. This is an act of war IMO. In the meantime, legitimate people are suffering as doctor’s are too scared to manage their pain. Which is probably why half of us are even here, taking our pain relief into our own hands.

        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          Exactly. Though I missed weed when they started the UDS I liked having a better life with less pain, and I could sneak in a few buzzes right after my appt. Once I told my pain doc that I went to a party and smoked OR weed and went an extra day without patch change. He didn't test me at that appt. He was cool, not his fault about wanting to keep out of jail. He retired at the end of 2019, I just learned that last month, he looked younger than me. The pain patient genocide is as bad as the overdoses bc of being laced. People in certain housing situations can't grow legally with a MMJ card here and if they live in those situations they probably can't afford dispensary either. I'm fortunate, I go to three docs to have: pain patch, benzo/muscle relaxer & MMJ card.

        Its not being ignored here, but how do you control something you have no control over? Some could say customs could do a better job of stopping it from coming in. We would pay for that!
        Some years ago I got a lid (remember lids?) from this girl, it smelled of perfume and gave all the guys tenters. WTF do you suppose she put on it?
        And the Mexican sprayed with paraquat (by the USA gov), still shipped to and sold in the USA.
        I grow my own and I know whats on it!
        Way back when I was in high school we were told MJ is Oklahoma's number 1 export.


        • Puglover1
          Puglover1 commented
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          DEA could always do better, if they wanted to. They do what's in their pockets' best interest. My first lid cost $12.

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