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S.O.S.! Please help to save the plant!

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    S.O.S.! Please help to save the plant!

    Suddenly the plant started getting yellow. Please advise what can it be? Thanks!
    I am a newbie and my own research showed it looks like the plant lacks nutrients but I don't want to make a mistake and kill it with additional amount of fertilizer.

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    Lets start with the PH and watering, what are they?


      My water has 7 ph. After adding a special fertilizer from divineseeds it lowers to like 6 ph.

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      for 7 weeks everything was ok and suddenly this.
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        Could be the lazy pot you put it in? Not much of a container a towel or blankie for holding soil? Well looks like this is what she'll be till the finish a struggling plant trying to find a way to live. I don't play around with the needs of MJ try and re invent the wheel as they go. This is what you get for not making a healthy grow enviornment for plants. Take off the dead leaf more to follow then get better with knowing about plants. No " hail mary " from me
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          it's a plastic container having 30L (8 gal) with a tiny blanket for holding the soil. Its all surface with 50% of holes.
          I have a feeling that i watered it too seldom. I always wait for drooped leaves and then water it.
          Most strange thing is why it hasn't showed any signs of problems for 7 weeks.


            Get your water up to 6.5-7. flowering MJ needs higher pH. Don't let the pots dry out completely. That fertilizer has too much nitrogen for flowering. Losing lower leaves as they mature is normal but yours look to be suffering from lockout.


              Hi GH, I agree with G2F, that’s a lot of nitrogen for flowering. Test the water PH every time, and always after nutes are added. 6.5 is good for soil.
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                maybe the cat peed on it?
                There are many issues...the container, that lighting (looks like you are growing it in the bathroom) and yes that nutrient mix is not for "flowering" but for "autoflowering" which are totally different. Although the Nitrogen is too high for the flowering stage, it does not look like Nitrogen toxicity as the leaves would be darker green.

                soil needs about a PH level of 6.5...right in the middle.

                It could also be that the plant has become root bound or the drainage is blocked. when you water there should be 10-20% run off and that container looks like it may not be draining properly. the towel could be saturated with "gunk" and it is not properly draining.

                too high heat and humidity can also play a factor. Drooping could be from that rather than overwatering...

                midway through flower the bottom leaves will yellow so that may also be the case...yours looks like it's yellowing all over which means the end of the flower cycle but your plant isn't there yet
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                I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


                  thanks for your help!


                    While your container looks unorthodox, I see no reason it would be much of a problem other than the odor a dank towel might create. As far as the yellowing leaves, that's pretty standard for a plant entering flower. Just cut them off. It is time however to layoff the nitrogen because it could lead to nutrient lockout and that could spell the end. The major concern I see is what appears to be a lack of sufficient light indicated by the big stretch you're experiencing between nodes. It seems like you may have just cobbled together stuff around the house and that's okay. It's a learning journey -


                    • dilvish
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                      you mean half way through flowering...if those leaves are turning yellow "entering flower" as you suggest then the plant has a problem. It is typical but not at the beginning of the flower period

                    • crucialbunny
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                      dilvish Perhaps I should have said "during".

                    I"m looking at your plastic bin GreenHighness . You don't need a towel to keep the soil in. Do a quick google of 'air pots.' You'll see what I mean. Do you have holes at the bottom?
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                      The container has walls made of a plastic grid. I thought the holes were too big and decided to protect with that thin blanket. I made like 10 holes 10mm radius in the bottom. The excessive water goes out quite fast after watering. Yeah i have seen such things. I thought it's something advanced like hydroponics related. I am a total newbie. Thanks for your help!


                        Perfectly normal and usual for this stage. She is pulling all the plants energy from roots and from lower leaves to feed the buds and make them swell. As the buds mature it will start on the buds too. Not to worry IMO
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                        My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil microbes
                        make pH correction unnecessary
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                        8" bottom intake fan, 6" clip on fan, 6" heater as needed
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                        • SoOrbudgal
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                          No there is a problem in my view. Ever smell old rag been buried and kept wet in the dirt, it will also decompose slowly. This plant in my opinion will continue to suffer from it's pot.

                        • TOKABIGONE
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                          I never meant to imply there was no issue as even I can see several but IMO not a lot can be done for this plant at this stage so try to do your best to finish it, Get a few grams and move on to the next better equipped. Study the basic grow tutorials more. A smart grower will live by them.

                        Do you think the pot is so important? The blanket is made of very thin material like 0.5 or even 0.25 mm. you can see through it when you hold it at light. and the container itself has a lot of holes. it consists of them actually. I don't mind to have a cool container but i just didn't have it when i planted the plant.

                        An interesting thing is that the branches having flowers are green and paired with them branches having just leaves are yellow. It looks very much like the plant sends its resources to the flower branches only and ordinary branches with just leaves suffer.


                        • dilvish
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                          my point was that the blanket can get saturated to the point where it is holding on to nutrients or clogging up the drainage. I agree with SourBudgal in that the container could be the problem but time will tell. FYI fabric pots are inexpensive and really should be considered if you do another grow.

                        I have found this info with possible problems. There is a strange column called "Watering problems". It looks like it matches my case most. Does anyone know what exactly it means as long as pH problems are separate columns? Is it under or overwatering?
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	beta-diagnose-chart-cannabis-problems-symptoms.jpg Views:	0 Size:	329.2 KB ID:	549478


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