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  • Going2fast
    So I think so may be my crippling sentence filler word.
    so what.

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  • Going2fast
    started a topic Braaap...zai


    Ok I have no idea here. Lol. So I was way too high and saw a Reddit thread where people grow bonzai weed. Of course there's a lot of art that goes into this and I've kinda done it to a 27 year old ficus I started as a twig. If you zoom in there's a piece of coral out of my old reef aquarium in the middle of the roots. So what I did was take the small ficus, wash all of the dirt off of the roots, drape them over the coral, then fill the remaining pot with dirt. Then over the years slowly wash the dirt away to reveal the roots without killing the plant. So basically bonsai is the same. Keeping a plant pissed off enough to stunt it but not enough to kill it. The ficus leaves have halved in size due to the years of stress.
    So anyhoo enough rambling what they do here is the same thing I did in 27 years but in 75 days. So I got creative with my choice for pots. Years of racing I have a nice supply of tacoed rear fenders. Incidentally this color is called orange crush. It was a one off from Acerbis for Yamaha back in the early 2000s. I went with a Memphisto tester freebie for this debacle. This is (creme de la chem x 3 bears og)x creme de la chem. So this will be a lot of fun or a fiery crash and burn. Either way it will be entertaining. Hell it's winter folks let's get stupid.
    The plan is to torture this thing into staying small and sexy. Please feel free to add advice or just brainstorming. Soil is same as the larger ladies . Compost in the fender. Miracle grow organics in the upside down planter.
    Now the real question is what did I bury in the planter for the roots to grow around?​​​

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