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    2 plants one container

    Hi all, nice to “meet” all of you. I’m a brand new grower who has soaked up a bunch of info, thought I was ready and moved ahead. I’m growing in living soil formulated for the plant. I knew enough to be dangerous when I decided, ordered pots and drove hours round trip for the soil. Only after did I learn this thing about container size being a big factor in living soil. You’ll probably be fine for a run, but it won’t hold up and improve etc.

    The decision has been made to go to 4 30gal pots moving forward. I will start them in 7’s. I wanted 6 plants originally (2 of 3 strains, dropped 9, 2 of same strain never viable) to get 6 plants, because I’m a skeptic and don’t understand a “germination guarantee.” This is nature. I’ve since read more about plant management, especially for a newb like me etc and that 4-5 plants is a good limit. Again, I knew enough to be dangerous.

    Here’s the quandary. I don’t see how I get rid of any of these 7. I just don’t think I could do it. In the future I know I’ll be picking what looks best etc but I am not there. The mere idea makes me want to cry (I’m a damn cancer 🙄). So, hopefully a forgivable question if silly. Can I put two plants in a 30gal pot? 3 of the pots would have 2 and one lady on her own. If this isn’t going to work, I guess all I can do is transplant into the 7’s just before flipping, and hope we get through it. I’d have to be adding things etc and with living soil it will be a little different I’d imagine. I just don’t know how to get out of this situation my inexperience created, with all of us in one piece. That includes the soil.

    Thanks for reading the ramble and any advice.

    If I'm reading this right your going to be growing indoors under led lights? A little more info would help such as type of weed. Photo or auto. Light size. Grow room size. Soil type. You drove hours for dirt? Where do you live the Sahara? Hell even photos 30 gallons is enough for 3 plants indoors.


    • GD69
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      Sure, of course. I’m sorry. I have all that in my profile but forgot to put it here.
      It’s a 5x5 tent
      Vermont compost living soil. (A little more work than just dirt and I wanted it). I took a nice drive from my home in NY to Vermont.
      3 Gorilla Glue, 3 Bruce Banner, 1 Girl Scout Cookie. Right now 4 weeks old Saturday in 3gal pots.
      PhotonTex X600 pro, put on them after 2 weeks at 25% 24” built up to 50% this week and just lowered to 20”. I didn’t mean to leave out information. If 3 plants can fit in a pot that’s really what I was looking for. Everything is a learning experience. I’ve learned.

    Here are the pics. I couldn’t figure out how to get them in the reply.


      Looks like your off to a good start. The ladies look healthy. Had to look it up but your light looks plenty sufficient. I'm interested in how you would arrange 3 30 gallon pots in a 5x5. Hey go for it. I'm finding larger pots are easier to care for just more cumbersome. I do autos indoors and doing a run in 10 gallon pots currently as an experiment. Good luck. Keep us posted.


        Thank you. They are really droopy today. I’m thinking overwatering in the soil, but it had dry spots etc. used a wetting agent and today they’re a bit sad. Not all of them. I don’t know enough to feel ok about it right now. I just hope they recover from it. The soil is totally different than anything I’ve ever seen, limited as that is, in all ways. Consistency, retention etc.

        I know of people with 4x4 beds in tents. I just thought that wouldn’t move around as easily as pots or I’d have gone with that. If my high school math hasn’t failed me I will be able to fit 4 pots pretty comfortably. I did see one tent with 3, but triangle shaped, he could have put another. I’m not worried there. I just don’t want to kill off any of these gals, and I don’t want to struggle through running them in 7’s. So, as you said 3 can go in a 30gal, I’ll probably do 2 each in 3 of them and one on her own. I won’t go over 4 from here out. Another lesson.

        Thank you!!
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          I wouldn't recommend multiple plants in one pot. I tried it early in my tent grows, one or both of the plants will suffer. And unless you have some crazy training method in mind overcrowding will become an issue come flower time. How tall is your 5x5 tent? 30 gal pots are gonna turn out some big tall plants without LST or topping and LST. 7 gallon pots are a good size, especially if you have any issues and need to remove plants from the tent. 30 gal pots are a biotch to move around. I use 5 gallon..sometimes 3g for autos if i know shes gonna be small.
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            Will it work with more than 1 plant to a pot (see pics), these autos (Wet Teddy Bears/Slow pokes)(first pic) were 12 in this single pot 135 gallon. All of these were big girls reaching 48" on one strain and over 7 feet on the other. The smaller pots (35 gallon) have 2 photo plants in each, of course I grow outside mostly, and you aint gonna be movin these large ass pots around.
            Can there be issues? Sure.


              Originally posted by Rwise View Post
              Will it work with more than 1 plant to a pot (see pics), these autos (Wet Teddy Bears/Slow pokes)(first pic) were 12 in this single pot 135 gallon. All of these were big girls reaching 48" on one strain and over 7 feet on the other. The smaller pots (35 gallon) have 2 photo plants in each, of course I grow outside mostly, and you aint gonna be movin these large ass pots around.
              Can there be issues? Sure.
              First, thanks for replying. Second, those are beautiful!!! I hope to get that someday. I will be doing outdoors in the summer again but I need to get a fence ($$$). I only need to do this one time. I’d already decided through other reading to lower my plant count on the next run. I wanted 6, dropped 9 to get them and everyone sprouted. 2 Girl Scout cookies never went anywhere. After inspecting, the tap roots look like they got trapped (I don’t know what actually happened but that’s my non gardener guess). So, I have 7 and again, it’s not in me to remove anyone who isn’t a male. I’ll have 4 pots. I would double up 3 of them, and each would be the same strain. Last night I was thinking maybe I could just leave 3 in the smaller pots and on risers high enough to be level.

              I’m getting different feedback of course but I’m not arguing with anyone actually doing it and showing me pics. No one has said the plants will die or anything so I’m going to do it. Advice on spacing and placement in 30gals?

              Thanks again. My anxiety gets a break for the next 3 weeks now because there is a plan.


                If you look close in the twins above you can see they are next to each other and pulled apart (to look like 1 plant topped). I dropped to many seed this spring and had to thin, I pulled yes pulled 3 BB4s and dropped them in another spot, tried to give them away, pulled them again and dropped them by the spring, covered the roots and told my brother they were his. He was pleased.
                You can run into issues with wore than 1 plant, but it can be livable.


                  Now I’m wondering again if I should do it. I am a complete newb and am still amazed I dropped seeds and have month old (today) baby girls up there. I really didn’t think I could do it. That paper towel method turns me off in so many ways I knew I’d be skipping it and wondered if it would hurt my chances. Nope!! I was so unsure I just wanted clones and drove myself crazy looking for them. Almost drove hours for them. Haha.

                  Maybe I’m too new to take a chance on something we know could give me troubles. I just won’t have the experience to deal with it. I may just have to run them all in the 7’s, which will be ok, I will just have to amend soil more and it can be brought back after. It’s always going to need to be recharged etc.

                  I need someone to talk to about this stuff. My family, even those who will benefit are bored. Sometimes I’m not even looking for actual growing advice. Just planning. Haha. They roll their eyes. Of course my course and plans have changed a bunch and they don’t understand the reasoning so I can’t blame them. I still don’t know what I’m going to do but I’m gonna stay relaxed. I know I’m going to do something….


                    I think you may have put the horse before the cart but having said this yes it is possible to grow 2 plants in one pot. Would you want to as a beginner grower? probably not. but it is possible. Just make sure you know what kind of soil they are it a type that will sustain the plants through their entire cycle as many super soils only have enough nutrients for 3-4 weeks.

                    do you check the PH of the water going in? do you have any supplemental nutrients?

                    Unfortunately a lot of beginners think that soil, water, and light are all they need to grow cannabis. It will grow, but it will not produce flowers (buds) or if it does they will be very small and not very potent. proper PH levels, full spectrum light, proper nutrients, temperature, humidity and good watering practices are all very important steps toward a good yield.

                    P.S. is that straw on top of the soil? Why?
                    I hope there is an afterlife...there are a lot of friends and family I'd like to see again, one day.


                      Hi, and thank you! I don’t know how the horse is before the cart. I have 7 ladies and only want 4 pots (although i think i found a compromise). What started it all is a friend dropped off some clones last summer and said he’d be back every few days to teach me the ropes. Long story but he couldn’t and I didn’t know anything and didn’t care for them, over watered, and left them in rain to get more. They were chopped early because of developing bud rot. I was ashamed. I then took matters into my hands and began researching indoor equipment. I did so for about 3 weeks before I purchased a thing. Once it was all here and set up, and I’d read and learned a bit more, I anxiously dropped 9 seeds. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it and was frantically searching for clones. I was skipping the paper towel method for my own thoughts on it and had to just hope. They all popped. Two just didn’t make it. I really only wanted 6 to not have too many to care for being new. Now I’ve learned maybe 4-5 is a better number to start. One would probably actually be best haha.

                      I never thought of it as water and go once I started to learn. I am in Vermont compost company Jolly Roger living soil, so if done correctly, there should be plenty of nutes with a couple of refresh top dressings. That’s in a container of the right size. Which I learned of too late. Yes, I read and learned just enough to be dangerous. I am learning lessons as I go and just trying to change course with what I’ve learned and not kill anything. The soil isn’t water and go. It has to be cared for properly including bigger dangers with overwatering. The medium is fine. It’s the grower. I will give it what it needs as it arises. Will I know what that is? Not a chance. That’s why I’m here.

                      The straw is on top of the soil to help keep moisture in. If it was a bigger pot and they were staying in it I’d have a cover crop. This isn’t the ideal straw (although fine), I have that coming. This was just because it does quickly dry on top and I needed it quick. I could have used yard leaves but I didn’t want to bring in bugs.

                      I’m a new grower for sure but my question was solely on the plants being doubled. I’m not new to the world of cannabis. Flowers (buds) 🤣🤣. Yes. All my equipment is also listed, and I only had to PH the water while they were in Happy Frog as babies. The Jolly Roger doesn’t need it. Just a carbon filter for chlorine and Chloramine (the last one I don’t have so can just let it sit). I am still dangerous but I leaned as much as I could reading, still missed stuff and made mistakes. It has to come from experience.
                      Last edited by GD69; 12-04-2021, 12:46 PM. Reason: To add that I may be new to growing but not the culture. I know a little but also nothing.


                      • GD69
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                        I am obviously just trying to catch up on these and learn the ropes and was replying in wrong places (now deleted). I don’t really love these forums but this one is so informative. I just don’t want to stress people who disagree on things because what they’re doing I know works for them. I found a way for me, that I’m going to love doing, when it’s right and in proper containers for it. I do not need to PH, as explained above. I know it’s foreign to all growers for all of time. Haha. I get that. I just want you and others to know I do not ignore advice and blow it off. If I think it was told differently I’ll ask to discuss it. With this, everyone making, mixing, and using, says not to PH. I’m just going to stick with it until I see a reason not too. It’s soil, it’s nothing new and revolutionary, it’s just a different way of, mixing, and caring for it. I’m not going to force nutes in water. That will be fresh. They’ll take it when they want.

                      • TOKABIGONE
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                        Thank you GD69 for that courtesy! dilvish i hope understands I meant no disrespect and I'm afraid to say can get a bit (lot) preachy when I feel strongly about an issue. A flaw in my nature I'm sure!

                        That said, please understand that everything I say is exactly 'My Opinion' and everything I say is based on what I do myself but you should never, never add anything chemical such as sulfer acids Up or Down to adjust your input pH for soil as they will rapidly diminish the microbe life to extinction in your grow medium. You might use lemon juice or such but it has a half life of less than 24 hours so really is pointless.The same I believe holds true for the chemical fertilizers we are encouraged to dump liberally onto our roots.
                        Now a forum is a place where all opinions and disagreements are valued on their merit. No one wants to hear petty bickering as it is worth nothing. If however, an opinion is a suggestion that might prove harmful then it is incumbent on all of us to bring attention to it immediately. Going forward I will try to be sure my tone is not offensive to anyone reading. Happy Pharming everyone!
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                      • GD69
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                        Thank you TOKABIGONE !!
                        I want and need to hear it all. Opinions and experiences included. I’ve learned (or am) how to incorporate it all. I’m so far in today and never thought I’d get close or germ a seed. I’m so happy to know I’m not out here flying blind with the soil, as the process catches on. I just happened to be starting everything at this time, and it’s available and I actually found it by accident. My friend is starting a tree farm, and ordered yards and yards (no clue, just truckloads 🤣). When I looked up the farm it comes from I was already hooked, then I found the formula, “for marijuana cultivars,” and they had me hook, line and sinker. Hhaaa

                        Thank you!! Always feel free to tell me things you may notice I’m missing or think I should do. It’s why I’m here.

                      Another option would be to give some of the plants away.


                        Originally posted by Rwise View Post
                        Another option would be to give some of the plants away.
                        If there was someone to take them I’d probably have an in person mentor, which would be great and help me relax. I know i can get this far and start again but i just need this to work. This time. I have quickly learned the couple outdoor growers I know are mostly set it and forget it types, which explains why it’s always crap in my opinion. I can’t ask them anything. They think it just happens on its own. I stopped talking about it with them when I got tired of being discouraged because, “growing inside is tough.”

                        I’m not going to double them. If my math is correct (50/50) I can fit the 30’s and use the 7’s or maybe 15’s (if they fit) for the other 3. I’ll have to mess with heights etc. haha. It’s going to be a mess I have no idea how to control. I know an experienced grower could fill a 5x5 tent canopy with one plant. Luckily, I won’t be attempting a lot of those techniques right off the bat. I want some experience with them first. I’ll do light stuff and get rid of unlit growth but I don’t want a forest in there. I’m overwhelmed thinking about it now. Like I said, enough to be dangerous. 🤣🤣🤣 I’m so glad to be here though. I know I can get the help I’m so obviously going to need.

                        if I can’t fit them, I’d give them to you. Meet halfway? lol. ✌️


                          Where ar you? LOL I am near Tulsa, but was not planing on growing this winter (energy costs will double) You could also pick some to be mothers for future clones, 1 of each and you have more room in the tent.
                          BTW "set and for get it" works, this plant was 10+ feet tall and made nice tasty buds, however the genetics can make a dif.
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