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I have purple in early flowers is this "normal"?

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    I have purple in early flowers is this "normal"?

    I just noticed this today. All of the flowers on one of 4 clones has purple at the beginning of the sugar leaves, not at the tips. The plant is healthy and is fed and watered along with the others. I'm just hoping that it is a genetic thing. All of the plants came from bag seeds a friend gave me. The parents made good oil, but none of them did this. The one big difference with this batch is climate. These are growing at a pretty steady 65 degrees F. The humidity is a little high, about 60%, but I've never had any issues with mold. The other picture is how the other 4 plants look. Just curious, thanks.

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    I'd be doing the Hokey-Pokey if I had those flowers. What's the strain?

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      I have no idea what strain, but if it keeps up I may try a reveg clone. Like I said, it was bag seed and these are five clones from different mothers. This is the only one with the purple out of the 7 originals and these 5 clones. But I guess you don't see the purple as a problem, most likely a throw back to it's parents?
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    Lucky You! That is going to make some beautiful bud.
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      I've seen this before. Just a mutation. grow on. It may turn out very nice.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


        Don’t listen to them! What you have there is very poisonous and must be handled properly by someone with experience. Pm me your address and I’ll be happy to come collect and dispose of free of charge.


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