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    I had this clone in this pot for about 4 weeks, is it normal to have pistols showing already. The plant is a foot tall, outdoor grow.
    Thanks! Click image for larger version

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    Are you supplementing with light after the sun goes down? Not sure where you live but in the US most outdoor plants start to flower around this time. You can reveg if you start giving it an 18/6 light schedule.


      No I’m not supplementing light, getting 12 hours of light in southern CA.


        Hey Coach, if you continue 12 hours of light she will continue to bloom and finish. If you switch to 18/6 she will reveg which will add a couple of months to her finish and you probably won't have time for that outdoors so she will become an indoor plant. Were it me i would just let her finish outdoors. You will have a harvest but maybe not what you expect.
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        Grow # 3 50/50 S/I Critical Mass photo fem
        Seeds drop in water 1/8/2022

        Medium: FF Coco Loco plus 30% Perlite in 7 gal cloth bags
        Space: 30x48x62 DIY cabinet lined w/space blankets
        Lighting: Bloomspect SS1000 Quantum board x 3 - 300 watts actual draw
        Soil Supplements: Worm Castings, Crab Shell, Oyster Shell, Neem and Karanja Meal, Volcanic Basalt Dust (for minerals), Recharge root micros. Grow 3 is with reconstituted super soil to which I've added several additional minerals and supplements. A more complete list based on Cackamas Coots super soil recipe can be found in my Auto Toka thread
        i don't grow plants anymore, I grow soil that my plants can thrive in!
        My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil microbes
        make pH correction unnecessary
        Ventilation: Vipospar 4" Exhaust Fan w/RH controller, 12" Carbon Scrubber
        8" bottom intake fan, 6" clip on fan, 6" heater as needed
        Cabinet on screen porch. N AZ @ 4000 ft.

        My salute to all who have served
        Semper Fidelis!


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          thanks, great advice. I don't have the indoor option so it is what it is. All good.

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