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What is this kind of cannabis plant?

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    What is this kind of cannabis plant?

    Hi, I am a first time grower. The seeds are from a friend, and were bag seeds, and unknown variety. This plant has grown 9 ft tall, all stems, but I noticed these small growths on most of the stems, and haven’t seen this on any of the photos. The other plants in my grow are doing well. Just following all the info on websites, nothing special with soil, feed or lights. I may have fed too much nutrients , I’m using Blue planet, 3 nutrients pkg. as listed on the back of their bottles. I may even water too much also….but I’m doing the best I can, and learning. Thanks…..may this be just hemp?

    Well... I appears to be female. The long narrow leaves along with the height would tend to indicate it being largely or predominately sativa. Hemp? I have no idea, maybe. Good luck.
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      I hope it's a nice mind-melting tropical sativa like Malawi Killer.
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        I believe you are talking about the Styrofoam looking stuff at the base of the leaves I've seen this before but can't remember what was said about it. I think it's just the plant adding mass to support more weight but please don't quote me because I'm far from sure
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        • SassySandy
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          Yes, the growth at the base of the stems… is just so odd, and hard, like solid. But your reason sounds good. I’m glad someone has seen this before, thanks.

        Harvested a tote today that had 4 clones in it noticed all 4 had those on them. I'd seen them before and don't know what causes them. But wanted to show ya it's of no concern.


          I'm going to answer a whole other question for you.

          Yes. You have spider mites.
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          • SassySandy
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            Yes, thank you, I am treating them.

          I see pest issues like Gingerbeard indicates. And if your plant is 9 ft tall indoors you probably dont have enough light or your light is too high. Indoor lighting has a very minimal light penetration in comparison to the sun. That is why i dont let my plants get larger than 3-4 ft. If they got taller then the buds at the bottom would be stunted from not enough light. Check out to look at the pest info and get some better lighting or lower your lights for the next grow.


          • SassySandy
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            Thank you for your suggestion, I am new at this, and just trying my best, I did get a better light but it doesn’t do all the 6 plants we are allowed to legally grow here. The plant in question, just wouldn’t stop growing tall, I even topped it when it was shorter. The light was closer, and I had to keep raising the light because of leaf burn. Anyway, I do have a couple of healthy plants with good buds. My good light is an Aglex 100 W, and it has a dial for bright to dim….I have no idea why or how to use the dim setting? There was no instructions with the light. I got it on Amazon. Can you tell me about that dial? Thanks for your help

          • Tersky
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            100w is enough for a 2ft by 1ft space but typically for good dense buds you want 35-60w per sq ft. I have a 3x3 with a 315 LEC which barely covers what space i have but since it is LEC is a little more intense than HPS i can get away with it. As far as dials, neve had them and dont use them so cant give any info, but with a 100w light you should not be dimming.

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