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    Floopydoop Rec will pass here some day, but I bet they rip that out of it for us Okies. In fact what has been proposed this far rec will not be allowed to grow.


      'Licenses' for medical marijuana. I had one when I first got back into weed. For $25 I had some sort of doctor who never met me, give me a piece of paper, an embossed piece of paper, saying it was okay for me to smoke weed. I went in with an envelope full of medical history from the VA about my issues. The doctor didn't care about it. 'Nah. I trust you.' That was it. How much of my $25 goes to the g'mint? Nada. You can't tax prescriptions.

      A license is superfluous and silly. When I see someone yelling at a cop that they have the right to smoke in public because they have a license, I see an uninformed individual. Cops don't care because they are unnecessary. In California, you can possess and grow for personal use, without a prescription, which is what a license is. To possess over several ounces or grow more than six plants requires paperwork and fees. I think that's reasonable considering how long it's taken for the prohibition to lift as far as it has. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for pounds and plots.

      But hey. Between you and me, just us. Would you stop your dope-star lifestyle if your state or local authority locked back down? Or would you decide to grow and possess more than before, like stocking your fall-out shelter, just to be an outlaw drug manufacturer?

      All my comments come from a California resident. You hand amputating and public caning countries. You folk are on your own.
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        As far as I know you don't have the right to smoke in public in ANY legal, recreational or medical states. With very few exceptions the same is true of alcohol. Unless the Federal Government (in the US) triples its employee base, I think were all pretty safe. However, IF your state goes backward its all on its residents for NOT staying proactive enough, second victories will be a much harder battle. Some states have some amazing cannabis advocates and its ALWAYS important to stay on top of your 'local' situation. Even with rule changes; I am so freaking proud of (sm)Oklahoma! I honestly did not think I would live long enough to see this - things can move pretty slow in that part of the world.
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          As I understand our rules, one can smoke weed anywhere one can also smoke cigarettes. Dont smoke weed and drive, that falls under DUI. I am sure public intoxication laws would also play.
          Oklahoma go back, not a chance they have smelled the money, and we think we carried the state during shutdown for covid.
          I grew my own before, I would still grow my own just not in open site (must not be visible from a public road) like I did before.


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