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    New way to clone?

    I seem to have stored in my filled brain some vague information on a cloning method that is able to get the roots started on a branch before the clone is cut form the mother. I think by wrapping the stem in moist soil? I have searched, and can not find information on this method. Maybe I dreamed it up and I am just confabulating. Anyone ever heard of this method of cloning? Any information is helpful, or am I just dreaming?
    Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.

    Never tried it, have heard of it, one would need to keep the wrap moist, not wet or dry.
    Pics we want pics! LOL


      Ive seen it on videos. You gotta scratch or make small cuts to the branch where the roots will come out. Then cover in rooting gel and finally slice open a moist rooting cube, oasis foam cube, Rockwood, etc and cover that part of the branch like a hot dog. Then using a piece of plastic or sliced plastic bag wrap around it and seal the ends with some tape. You could also use some kitchen plastic wrap. Then wait till you see roots


        Thank you. I guess I wasn't dreaming. If I do it next grow, I will post.
        Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


          Too bad Cannabis doesn't propagate by runners. Some of us would never have to buy seeds again.
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            Like hops! They propagate by chopping up the roots and planting a new piece of the live root to make a new mound of grow. I used to grow them as ornamental plants on my deck. 12 feet tall with little effort. Once you start them, you can never get rid of them. They come up every year with care or not. That would be sweet.
            Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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              LOL, heres you a project, cross breed these cousins to each other. Yes it's been done.

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              That would make a whole new class of Cannabis plants: Photos, autos and unstoppables.

            My ol lady got a rose bush to root n grow by cutting a water bottle halfway through (to the middle) length wise wrapping the bottle around a branch filling it with soil and used zipties to hold the bottle on kept it wet until she saw roots through the bottle cut off the branch at the bottom of the bottle and planted it.... she found a video on YouTube that showed her how to do it I don't see why you couldn't do it with weed
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              When I have had really good wet monsoon I have had lower branches root where they hang down and a part get buried in the soil.


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