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Leaves turning yellow!

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    HELP! Leaves turning yellow!

    Hello growers!
    I don't know if I am having a problem or not: I have this nice Stracciatella feminized plant on the balcony, that is now 1.5 months old. All is god but some lower leaves are starting to get yellowish/brown. Is it a problem? If so, why do you think it's happening? What should I do?

    Some info: north of Italy, plant on the balcony facing south, direct exposure to sunlight from 9 am to 17/18, no fertilisers. I have had problems with the neighbour's cat digging out the seeds of other plants I have (maybe also urinating, don't know).
    These days is really hot, is it relevant?

    Soke pictures attached!


    I believe that your PH is out of wack and your container is much too small.
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      OldManGrower the continer is 20.5 l (5.4 US gallons).
      could you elaborate regarding whwt you said about ph?


        Current grow:
        2-Sugar Black Rose, 2-Zkittlez 1-Gorilla Glue Auto
        Soil in 3 gallon pots. Indoors,


          Maybe time to feed and repot. Also the soil looks a bit too dry.Good Luck
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            Lufra yes put the pot on a block of wood keep off hot tiles. May need to water more frequent during really hot temps. If you decide to keep it in that pot 5gal outdoor plant is not big enough. It can get very tall.
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              Loos like either nitrogen deficient or PH is off. More info other than "it's hot" would be helpful. PH levels, humidity, watering practices, soil or coir etc.

              Remember, dropping some seeds in a pot that's in the sun and watering them will grow any plant...the key is making the plant flower and produce healthy buds, unless of course you favor smoking fan leaves
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                Looks to me that some nutrients splashed on a couple of the leaves and some bug damage on a couple others
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                  Root issues, root bound, bad PH, etc.. Start with the link "plant Problems" at the top of this page.
                  You will have to feed them in those small pots as there is not enuf soil to grow out a MJ plant.


                    6 wks !! Time for nutrients.
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                      Do you own a ph meter? They are 15 bucks on Amazon. Lower leaves being yellow is moisture stress most likely. Cut way back on watering


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