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Need help with these weird spots/markings on my plant

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    Need help with these weird spots/markings on my plant

    Hi all, i'm back with my next grow, so far things looking good, but this morning I noticed some weird spots on one my plants.

    This is my super skunk, she's on day 27 of veg. I have her in a 50/50 mix of ocean forest and happy frog, with 30% perlite and dolomite lime in the initial mix. Following the basic principles of watering her when light, I'm weighing them daily. I'm sticking with the GH trio w/Calmag using the general formula on this site. Ph down each feeding and watering to 6.5. I've not checked her runoff lately, but I have several other plants of the same strain that have been following the same regimen and their runoff is fine right at 6.5 give or take. Temps are in the mid 70s, but humidity varies with whatever my outside air is, from 40-60%, I don't have a real good solution to controlling humidity as I'm cooling my tents with direct outside air, so even though they are in tents, they get nothing but fresh air. They are in 3 gallon pots now, I plan to transplant into 10 gallon pots in the next week or so.

    I just noticed these spots for the first time today, I don't think they were there yesterday. She didn't need water today, but I'll check her runoff in the next day or two.

    I have not spotted any of these markings on any of my other plants in the same tent, so I seperated her out in her own tent until I can figure this out. Pics look like leaf septoria? I've never had that on any plant? should I drench it in Neem? I guess I'm assuming this is bacterial, but thats why I'm posting, not sure if these could be ph issues yet.. Does this look familiar to anyone?
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    Do all of your plants only have 3 point leaves? That is often an indication of light stress. Probably a good idea to separate it from the others incase it is bacterial or fungal.




        about the 3 point leaves, those are only on the most bottom nodes of my super skunk plant. My other 6 or 7 super skunks are all like this, 3 point leaves on the bottom nodes, with normal 5 and 7 pointers after that. I also have some purple haze in the same tent vegging out and it does not have any 3 point leaves, so since i'm seeing it only on one strain, I tend to believe that's just genetic to that strain. I'm using the same light setup I've used for 6 or 8 grows now. Only one plant has these spots or markings, but all the other ones have been grown under the same conditions and don't experience these. Yes, I'm aware of the diagnosis pics on this site, best I can tell looks like leaf septoria, but I've never seen that personally before in my past grows so I want some more opinions.


          I'm seeing some kind of pattern to the spots and that's a sign to me it not a natural or genetic kinda thing. If it's just around the bottom leaves it is probably going to be a fungal problem and since it's on only one strain the others are just more resistant to the fungus. I might be wrong but I would definitely not ignore it
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            I'm not sure I'm seeing any kind of pattern here? To clarify my last response, these spots are only on ONE plant that I have. I have another 6 plants of this same strain, super skunk going, and none of them have these spots. What I was meaning to say earlier is that all of my super skunks have 3 point leaves on the bottom nodes only, but only one of those super skunks has these spots going on. I have a few other strains going as well, and no one has these spots.

            the plant is under a covid 19 style quarantine, living in isolation in an extra veg tent I have, for at least a week or so till I decide what to do with it. I NEEM'd the crap out of her today. I'm starting a new grow and for each grow I start a few more veg's then I really need, so I have extras, and I pick the best ones to go into flower. So far this one is at the front of the line for sacrifice, but I'm really curious as to what this issue is. I hope someone has run across it before...

          • MeEasy
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            What I meant by a pattern is that it doesn't look natural I've seen little circles like this before somewhere I just don't remember what or where it was

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