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Tricomes or mold

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    HELP! Tricomes or mold

    I have just finished my first grow and dried it. Thought it all went so well, but then I was told that some of my buds are to crystally, must be mold or mildew. I hope with all my heart that the reason they appear whitey with the naked eye, is the tricomes covering it.

    Tell whoever said that to you that they can keep their dirt weed, you’ve evolved. Nice job👍🏻

    So you know for reference, mold will be fuzzy looking. Whenever I’ve had bud mold while curing it starts out with little white dots all over a bud or two only they don’t sparkle lol eventually it’ll spread to other buds and they’ll get all fuzzy
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      Thank you 😀

      Thanks for the reference. Nice to know. He got me paranoid of smoking my own buds, even though they are delicious.

    Mold on buds grows like a blanket. You know how that one orange you always get in the bag from the grocery? Yeah, that's what it will look like. I think perhaps your friend maybe just hasn't seen good top shelf bud before.


      Is this a humble brag tut ? I'm only kidding but those are beautiful buds I can only hope my first grow goes as well as this.

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      • Happy Frog potting soil
      • Open to constructive criticism - want to learn more.


        You guys are all wrong that is the worse case of Molly rotty I've ever seen. You better bag that shit all up and send it to me for immediate disposal. I will carefully get rid of it for you 😉

        If you didn't figure it out this was a joke I don't see anything wrong with those buds they're just crazy covered in trichomes as they should be
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