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Linfa Weezy worth it?

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    Linfa Weezy worth it?

    Hi everyone, thanks for having me here.
    I've been doing plenty of reading at GWE and just recently discovered this smart grow appliance, the Linfa Weezy, and am wondering if this is worth buying. I understand I can definitely save some money by growing DIY, however, will the extra costs of purchasing it be worth it (sans the hassle of ordering individual parts, peace of mind of successful grow, etc)?

    I've never grown before and am quite nervous picking up a new hobby. Not to mention I don't have much time to spare for troubleshooting and what-not. I'm crrrently looking at trying my hands to grow some autoflowers.

    Any advise greatly appreciated!


    Each growers' journey is unique. I had never heard of the product you mentioned.

    I recommend keeping it simple, as that will take the least amount of your time. Autoflowers will get you to harvest the soonest and allow you to get your first crop under your belt. You also don't have to worry about the 12/12 flip. The fewer plants you maintain, the easier it will be. Of course, your harvest will be smaller, the fewer plants you have.

    In my evolution, I am at a point where I prefer photoperiods. My Indica plants will enjoy about 60 days of vegging, to allow for a more bountiful harvest. I will be growing four plants, two Sativa and two Indicas in their own groups. The Sativa plants will only get about 21 days of vegging, to mitigate flowering stretch.

    I wish you much luck!!
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      I did look at this product just for info after you posted emigre i personally don't go for these boxes and won't use them. Growing weed is not a set and forget hobby. Even autoflowers need much attention to their health, if you don't have the time to spend on them and learn about them i can't help you.
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      I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
      Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
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        Hi emigre
        Welcome The Linfa Weezy is an interesting unit. I hadn't heard of it either but I checked it out. It is pretty cool but I think it is better suited for growing herbs and such for cooking or eating. You'd be a lot better off with a small grow tent for cannabis. With a better light as well. I just grow one plant at a time so I try and keep things small and simple too. If you need more help picking out gear let us know. And like SoOrbudgal said, you do have to put some time into it to have success. Not a crazy amount of time but they do need some care. Once you get things going you'll want to check on them every spare moment that you get
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          Wait a second here...
          The company makes the claim that the Linfa Weezy can grow five plants under a scrog screen on virtual autopilot, "Just add water!"

          The box is less than four cubic feet in size, has a daily power draw of less than 60 watts, a one gallon water tank and cost $845 plus shipping.

          None of those specs sounds adequate for even a single healthy plant much less five. The coolest thing about this gizmo is probably the name!

          Save your money emigre
          I grow using soil comprised of the compost I make combined with Foxfarm or other quality commercial soils as an amendment. Appropriate nutes as needed. State of the art LED lighting and an evolving system of environmental controls allows me to pamper my plants and let them tell me what they need.
          My goal is epicurean quality rather than high yield.
          I'm learning how to create cannabis tinctures and hashish and I almost always use a vaporizer to spare my aging lungs.
          Despite my avatar name I'm generally amenable and helpful. So, if there's a question I'm qualified to answer, hit me up!



            You can harvest every two months? Just insert seed and water.....If that's the case I'll take 5 of them. Hell it takes me that long to train a plant then it needs between 2 and 3 months to mature. I use more than 80w to run my fans

            From their website
            • Grow all year round and harvest every two months
            • Simple and intuitive: no green thumb required!
            • Automatic cultivation management
            • Grow up to 4 plants simultaneously
            • Wi-FI and Webcam to follow your cultivations remotely
            • Stylish Italian design
            • Small, can fit almost anywhere
            • Healthy: no pesticides
            I made this a funny but seriously I'm gonna guess you might get three or four ounce every three to five months out of something like this (80w maximum consumption) and that is after a couple grows once you get your feet under you. I agree with whoever said this would be ok to grow your oregano.
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              Thank you so much to everyone who has given me some advice. After much deliberation, I have decided to skip Linfa and get a traditional grow tent instead.
              Again, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! Cheers!


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                MeEasy I'm a female!! ;-}

                emigre Welcome to forum, holla if you have questions about the grow boxes.

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                MeEasy It's all good, my brotha.

              Good decision. Remember that the light is the most important part. Get a good quality quantum board with at least 35 watts (actual watts from the wall) per ft2 of growing area. 350 watts per square meter.


                I'm looking at this machine too! But something always stops me from buying. You are right that you are worried about your money. As a last resort, you can always use Fit My Money to find sites like Credit Karma. This will help you in case of first need to purchase this item. Gardening is a rather exciting hobby that requires a lot of effort and finances.
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                  Great advice above. Like most looking to get into growing, all the gadgets seem enticing to me too. After two years of practice it is clear that most are junk.
                  Go with a basic tent set up like everyone suggested (and like everyone has), you’ll find details for on GWE main site.

                  The only thing I’ve found that really makes life easier is a reputable bagged organic supersoil. Many of these are starting to be labeled as “water only” and with the correct pot size will not require any additional inputs beyond the soil, seeds and water. Of course you need a good tent environment as well. I personally think this is he way to start for new growers. Once you get the basics then worry about the million other ways to grow. Many of which are excellent, but none simpler than soil, seeds, water.

                  happy growing


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