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    SOIL Picking leaves

    Hi guys, these are my 5 gallon indoor plants. They are about 10days after flowering. But the problem is I think they have to many leaves and I am wondering if I should take some of the large leaves off? Any suggestions would help, thank you.

    I would, but it's really personal preference. Some people trim leaves all through the grow, some at certain points in the grow, and some not at all. The fan leaves will all fall off eventually anyway.

    I actually just did this with mine. Pictures are before and after. I also probably take off more than most people do so start light if you decide to go for it.
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      Good advise @dphipps, Understand you're pics a reversed but a great example of mid grow defol.

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      Oh I didn't even notice the order of them when I hit post 😂

    I think a little haircut is in order here. I love the look of a full canopy but you'll get a far better yield with some creative trimming.


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