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    Curing issue

    Hey Guys and Gals......Need some advise from fellow growers....I have done with drying my bud, and have jarred the bud to start the curing problem is the relative humidity in the can be seen in the below pics. The RH is sitting at 44%...which i think it too low. I cannot get hold of Boveda packs until mid next my question do i get the RH up to around the bud doesnt cure too quick or even dry out....I have tried orange peel in the jars in the past...but i do also know that this can cause bud rot or mould in the jars....does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can get the RH
    higher for now

    Click image for larger version

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    Spray water on the inside of the lid then put back on the jar. This traps small amounts of moisture in the jar that can help with the low humidity. 👍
    There are 3 things you must check everyday when growing in hydro:
    1) Water level (How much h2o is she drinking in 24hrs)
    2) pH level (change over 24hrs)
    3) ppm/EC level (How much food is she eating in 24hrs)


      Your jars are a bit full, probably not a problem with the low rh but you should never fill them more than 2/3. I've seen and heard of a hundred different things to put in the jars to add moisture but I've found that the stems work and it's natural moisture that is already in the buds. If you have the bigger stems cut them in big enough pieces that you can pick em out later and if they're big enough you can split them lengthwise with your pocket knife. Even if you can only fill your jars half way to mix the stem pieces in there just watch the rh keep em in the dark and cool
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        Yes those jars are very full I never fill above 2/3 and normally aim for 1/2 this can affect your cure as much as humidity I’d get some open space in those jars as soon as you can

      Take a paper towel wet to where it’s very moist but not dripping take a zip lock bag and stick it in the bag zip 80-90% of the bag leaving a small slit then stick in jar this will need monitoring since it’s not as reliable as boveda if it’s to high zip more to low unzip more


        Howdy Heatwave, I have used a small slice of an apple and, also an orange wedge to re hydrate over dried bud. They both work well, the orange wedge is best, in My opinion. Just peel the orange and carefully separate the wedges so that the 'skin' stays intact and drop one into each jar. One could use tangerines as well. Both the apple and orange pieces will re hydrate the bud and add a pleasant flavor as well.
        Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          I’d also look for a much cooler place to store them


            Don't forget to decarb the apple and orange before ingestion.


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              Nice one!

            • DW2
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              Like smoked fish, smoked apples and oranges are great, but it's hard to keep them lit!! LOL!

            I usually drip a few drops of water on the buds shake the jar and put the lid on. Wait a few hours for it to humidify and soak in and repeat until at the desired range.


              Stems were mentioned above. I pluck off a few fresh leaves and throw them in my jar. Within a few days all the moisture is out of the leaves and in your buds. Good luck. Happy growing


              • grouchyoldman
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                Greetings Larry1, and Bravo for your suggestion!

                The humidity here is dreadfully low and I have a harvest due to be cut within a week. I harvest sequentially and already have two test buds cut; one cut today and drying under the cool humidifier. The other bud cut five days ago dried way too fast, three days, barely. I put that bud in a jar with a Boveda 62 but the HR inside didn't rise after two days, stuck at 45%. Classic overdried bud problem, notoriously hard to rectify... apples, orange peels and potatoes notwithstanding.

                This morning I read your post, then had one of those, "Why didn't I think a that..." moments. So I tossed a single, sort of burned out, giant yellow fan leave in the jar with the crispy bud, boveda. Within an hour the humidity was up to 59% and slowly climbing between curing "burps." That saved the day for Test Bud #1, and gave me a new tool for drying & curing.

                Hey, Heatwave, give this a try first!
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              • dphipps1020
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                I've done the stems too and it works really well, especially if you don't want any extra leaf material in with your buds when the leaves dry up. An option for that is to leave a little of the trunk when you cut down the plant and it should stay moist if you leave it in the soil while the buds dry. Then you should have at least 2" you can cut off to put in with your buds. This method works well too.

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