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Ph meter issue hinders plants

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    Ph meter issue hinders plants

    Anyone use a ph meter like this?

    Just wondering how often it should be calibrated. It was calibrated 7 days ago and used 3 times for mixing nutrient solution. When reviewing my logs for nutrient solutions, I noticed that my required ph down volume was slowly increasing over 7 days, with no change in other added quantities of nutrients. Checked calibration and it was off by almost one unit (giving a reading of 6.01, after calibration 5.2). Now I am nursing them back to health. Besides correcting the ph anything else that can be done for the plants?

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    I calibrate mine every couple weeks. Maybe 4 at the most. I had one similar a year or so ago and it would go out of whack quickly. Now I use a bluelab meter and I trust it considerably more.
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      I used to like pH meters. I had a very nice one that I spent $80 on. I calibrated it very carefully and took awesome care of it. Thing still gave me readings all over the place. I’m afraid what a much cheaper one like what you linked to would do. I recommend just using the General Hydroponics pH test kit with the green liquid and the color chart.


        Hydrion paper ph strips


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          Are they easy to read/compare? I have 10-parameter urine test strips for my pug with a rare disease, they don't seem very consistent. I did use them in a pinch when my cheapo pH meter quit working early.

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          They are. I like the 1 to 12 range
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        I had one like yours, didn't last through one harvest. I bought this one to get me through to the finish.
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          I used to use those. Had a real reliable one, but then I dropped it in water. the next several of those I bought were crap. Posted here for suggestions:

          I've been using one of those cheap 10 dollar ph meters you get on amazon. I had 3 in fact. One was my gamer. it was never out of calibration. took readings fast. it was my go to. I recently dropped it in some water. dammit to hell. its dead. my backups just aren't the same. they'll do until I can find something

          someone recommended this guy:

          I got that one, been using it for about a month. love it, great meter.


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            I also have an Apera which has gotten me thru 2 grows without issues.

          I started with an elcheapo PH meter, when it let me down I dropped a bit over $300 for a bluelabs combo plus. And the fluids needed to keep it in good shape.


            Originally posted by Rwise View Post
            And the fluids needed to keep it in good shape.
            ^^^ THIS
            Using a storage solution is the ONLY way to keep a bulb-type meter viable.
            Get the most from water-based plant growing systems with the Bluelab pH pens, pH tests, digital soil pH meters & pH sensors.

            When you don't keep the bulb immersed in a kcl solution, it will drift.
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              Wow PH pens? I tried them and hated them so I just used the GH ph drops. Then I realized I can be growing without the drops or pen and never looked back. Seriously it’s a waste of money. Even if you buy the best out there it can break then what? Humans always trying to reinvent the wheel lol.


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