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    What do you think ?

    Well I notice I have more creative ways under the Sativa influence than the Indica non ? Photos don't lie hey ?

    One of my Mazar Kush girl. She's such a Sweety ..!
    Light: Viparspectra P2000, Viparspectra P1500, Viparspectra XS2000, KingLed 1500
    Medium: organic, Fafard perlite, Fafard Urban Garden organic mix, Organic compost shrimps.
    Nutrients: Alaskan Fish, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud, Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth, Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra
    Full auto grow
    Grow room : 8X12X10, 2 industrial fans, 1 dehumidifier, 1 Vivosun carbon filter & controller
    6 AK-47 autos from Serious Seeds, 1 Neville Haze Ryder from WOS and 1 Larry Lemon OG auto from Seedsman

    What do I think? I think you have an uncanny ability to find the beauty of your charges in your photos. I think I am somewhat jealous and maybe hate you a little too. Thank you -


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      Ditto crucialbunny, you've summed up my sentiments perfectly, lol!

    • Farmbuck
      Farmbuck commented
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      I don't want to be an arrogant ... Well you get the picture lolll But I do have an eye for this kind of photography loll I do understand this bit of jealousy in some of you lollll

      Just kidding !!

    • Canuck147
      Canuck147 commented
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      How many years have you been a photographer farmbuck? Better question - have you spent more on your setup or on your cameras and lenses?

    Wow!....just..WOW! 😍
    There are 3 things you must check everyday when growing in hydro:
    1) Water level (How much h2o is she drinking in 24hrs)
    2) pH level (change over 24hrs)
    3) ppm/EC level (How much food is she eating in 24hrs)


      No filters or processing on these? Daaaaang.

      Kinda why I risked the Alaska Thunderfuck, it's supposed to show fall colors too. Prolly too hot here, but giving it a try anyway. Beauties man, just unreal.
      Learned a lot this year. pH and whiteflies are issues that need controlling. Maybe an auto over January.....hmmmm...


        So beautiful... I’m amazed!!


          Off the scale...great job!


            they look great!!
            If you get confused....listen to the music play


              Farmbuck I don't know how you always get such pretty colors but I'm always impressed. Thanks for sharing
              TENT 1 4x4 SF7000
              s silver haze... strawberry haze...
              .. gg4 and cheese berry auto thrown from the auto hut
              TENT 2 2X4 SF2000
              2x Thundersuck... og Jimmy... flo.... blue cheese
              TENT 3 2X4 SF2000 + 2 113w blurples
              3 gallon pots all autos
              Weddingcake..2 red Gorilla girl..2 cinderella jack

              All growing in living soil using Earth Dust
              👇my one n only journal👇


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