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#2 grow journal, Sour Diesel and Big Dirty

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    Once the humidity gets down to closer to 60%, the buds will start curing faster. It's possible in those big jars at 66% RH they were too wet to really get the full effects of curing, since there needs to be a certain amount of air for the process to happen. Curing them at a slightly lower humidity in smaller jars should help increase the smell and perceived potency, while making the buds smoother and hopefully taking away some of the edge!

    Congratulation on a really great and bountiful harvest!


    • LuckyAcres
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      Thank you so much for this fine tuning! Gonna turn some of it in hash this week end!

    Thanks all for the kind words! Your support makes it all happen and makes roadblocks run smoother.
    We made hash out of this harvest this week end and my oh my, looks like I'll be making more soon!
    x1 LED Cirrus T5 500w, x3 Sun System LEC315, x1 Nanolux LEC315, Saturn 5 controller, x4 6" can vents, 8800 btu A/C, 70 pint dehumidifier


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