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2nd topping

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    2nd topping

    Hi guys

    I topped about two weeks ago and the plants are looking really happy right now but I still want to take it the next level and top them again. The new shoots, after the fist topping, are getting quite tall and healthy so I'm thinking, is it ok to top them right at the first node? Honestly seems like it would be just fine but I need a second opinion. I'm growing 2, 4 weeks old photoperiod GG#4.

    Thanks guys 👊

    Honestly, it depends on how long of a veg period you're willing to go through. Without a picture it's hard to say what topping at the first node (past where they were previously topped, I assume) would look like. For your next grow, you might want to consider reading up on Nebula Haze's manifolding technique for getting huge yields from just a few plants. I tried it and got a jungle of tops because my plants are a bit too close together. I'll have to see how that all works out but I was able to get eight potential colas per plant with not much work or extra time.
    Fourth state-sanctioned grow. This time for seeds. Six Ghost Train Haze (Rare Dankness) seedlings plus a bonus GTH in coco - waiting to see how many boys/girls.
    4'X4' flower tent, AC Infinity 4" fan and filter, Advanced Platinum P4-XML2 LED
    RDWC six grow buckets and a reservoir.

    Four Skunk #1 seedlings (Sensi) plus one in coco
    Advanced Platinum P-300 LED
    3'X3' tent RDWC four grow buckets and a reservoir.

    Aurora Soul nutrients - Grow, Bloom, Infinity, Big Swell & PeaK.

    Side projects in coco: Flowering out moms of Black Widow, Acapulco Gold, Purple Haze & Laughing Buddha plus four Purple Haze clones cut from mom before 12/12 flip.

    On deck: BC Mango, Tuna God, Bubba God, DP Blueberry, Cinderella 99 or Mother's Finest regs or a mix of feminized stuff.


      You can always top back as long as the shoot has nodes below where you want to cut.
      5x5 grow space
      900w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


        Hi ADSL I saw your plant photos after first topping. Good they r going well.
        For me, I'd say wait at least another week, or 2. There won't be any nodes to top back to as gbauto suggests.
        I'm more old school about growing, they need some more time to build up imo.
        Others may have different views of course. ☯️


          You're right guys, I should have taken a pic to back it up. UndergroundFarmer , gbauto, Sylvester, here's what I mean. The blue circle is where I topped it first and the red lines is where I would top again. What do you think guys?
          Thanks again buds, you're good as always.
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          • UndergroundFarmer
            UndergroundFarmer commented
            Editing a comment
            That's fine. In fact it resembles the mainlining technique Nebula developed manifolding from.


          Hey mate I recently topped my girls for the 2nd time, about 2 weeks from the first topping. You are fine to top again, no need to wait. The longer you wait to top, the more energy will be wasted into a node that you’re ultimately going to remove. Once the new growth have started to come up a bit, you are able to top. Mind you, you should only top a healthy plant otherwise you’re asking for additional problems opening up wounds like that. I attached a photo of one of my topped girls as this is my first post here and I don’t want you to think I’m blowing smoke. For reference, my girls are going into their 5th week also. Best of luck 👍🏼
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            Thank you sparxxx007 tbh I just topped, 5min before I read your reply so now I'm feeling more confident thanks to you man. And those plants are looking fine af👌.
            Once again thank you guys. Have a good grow.


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