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    COCO COIR Looking for advice on Coco

    Does anyone have any advice about using these products? Like does the Coco need nutes from day 1? Do I need to add nutes before seed? Is there a correct way to prepare this Coco substrate? What would be the ideal mix ratio between Coco and perlite? Etc any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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    Current Grow: 1X Mimosa Evo - 1X BCN Critical XXL
    Medium: Atami Coco substrate with 30% perlite mixed in 1 gallon fabric pots until 3 gallon transfer

    Space​​: 3 foot X 3 foot X 6 foot lined in pandafilm

    Lighting: Mars Hydro TSW2000 at 20 inches away using dimmer to control light output

    Nutrients: Shogun A+B, Vitamax Calmag, Shogun pK 9/18, pH up & down

    Average Room Temp: 22°C night - 25°C day --- 71.6°F night - 77°C day.

    Average RH: 50% - 80% in seedling stage, 50% - 70% in vegative stage, 30% - 50% in Flower

    Methods Used: TBD

    I don't grow in coco but I read through this awhile back because I've thought of trying it, it has some good information about it. Good luck
    TENT 1 4x4 SF7000
    s silver haze... strawberry haze...
    .. gg4 and cheese berry auto thrown from the auto hut
    TENT 2 2X4 SF2000
    2x Thundersuck... og Jimmy... flo.... blue cheese
    TENT 3 2X4 SF2000 + 2 113w blurples
    3 gallon pots all autos
    Weddingcake..2 red Gorilla girl..2 cinderella jack

    All growing in living soil using Earth Dust
    👇my one n only journal👇


      I'm just starting the journey into coco coir hydro this season. Last year I grew in pro-mix and used hand watering. I think it will be similar, only adding automation. The seeds don't need nutes, they have their own to get started. So far, my plan is to get coco and perlite from home cheapo, 3 gallon cloth bags, GH trio nutes and cal-mag. a bucket and pump system supplying furtigation in a DTW system. All in a 5x5 tent with SF4000 light. Happy growing, don't worry, be happy. You also may want to check out good site.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


        I don't like to mention other sites but for all things coco coir this is the best place to lean about it. Besides grow Weed easy I have learned a great deal at:


          Coco is fairly simple.
          I'm not familiar with that brand of coco, but you need to make sure it has been properly washed and buffered prior to use.
          I buy my coco in 5kg bricks and reconstitute that in a tote. I run Jacks 3-2-1 in my systems, so I mix in 2g/gal Calcium Nitrate and 1g/gal Epsom Salt with enough water to cover the coco.
          That sits overnight and is drained and dumped out on a tarp. I then mix in approx. 25% perlite.
          Works every time.
          I feed from the beginning @ 1.6ec.
          I run dtw, so I find that in my 3 gal fabric bags I can feed to run-off once daily and the plants are quite happy.
          It's ok to feed more frequently, the main thing you're trying to avoid is allowing the media to dry back.
          5x5 grow space
          900w of Vero's and F-strips
          4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


            I’d recommend canna coco professional. It’s pre washed etc (although I do give it a rinse first time). Mix into your pots with 3rd of it being perlite and you’re good. Done forget some pebbles at the bottom off your pots first. You won’t need to add nutes until some leaves start coming in


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