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When is the best time to start an indoor grow w/DWC?

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    HYDRO When is the best time to start an indoor grow w/DWC?

    Hi everyone,

    I am an absolute FNG...I have only grown one plant about two years ago and it was by accident but turned out to be a male anyway, so I say that doesn't count - Any who been reading up on GrowWeedEasy,com as well as this forum and all of you have been inspired to give it a try, well not only that but it's legal here now in Arizona so now I don't have to worry about the man breaking down my door.

    I am almost ready to start with DWC and just need a few more things before I can rock n' roll and that wont be until about mid Feb. My question is seeing as how I am inside is starting in mid Feb OK or should I wait until spring...I have a buddy of mine at work who wants to start growing but he's gonna do outside grow and everything I've read and he's read says to wait until late March early April but it doesn't give a time frame for DWC.

    Just curious if DWC is good for all year round growing. Thanks in advance for the advice, it's greatly appreciated
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    You can grow anytime as long as you can keep temp and humidity in right range. In DWC you need to be sure reservoir temp does not get much above 70 f, so if you don’t have a cooler, summer may be a challenge. I highly recommend you run Hydroguard.


      Easier to keep your reservoirs cool in the winter months imo. I struggle a bit with reservoir temps in the summer and tbh a chiller is not very practical in a 4 single bucket setup.
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        The recommendation for spring growing is only applicable to outdoor growers. Indoors, you can grow all year long. As others have mentioned, the challenges you face are reflected in the room you will using. If you can keep temps and humidity at the right levels then it’s not an issue. If you are growing in a shed that has no insulation from the heat, or climate control, you will struggle to keep healthy plants.

        Are you planning on growing in a tent, or in an open room space?
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          Howdy tsquez, and welcome to the forum. I'm on my 10th grow (DWC) now and I begin my grows in the late fall when the temperature drops down, it is easier to control the grow room temperature then. I do use ice bottles in the reservoirs to keep the water temperature below 70° F. I live in an arid climate, so high humidity has not been a problem for me. I use CFL lamps and they do not produce a lot of heat, but in the summer time it is too much to deal with without an A/C in the room.
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            Some parts of Arizona it's probably possible to grow outside year-round. Because of light times you might have to grow autos though


              Because of the heat, I only grow from about mid Sept to mid may. I use aquarium heaters in my DWC grow to keep the temps up in my homemade grow box. Gets to dang hot around here to attempt to grow in the summer months.
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                I'm 1 state to your right and I have problems in mid summer with heat and we don't get as hot as you. Then winter we get like 5 weeks of freezing, problem is it's not in a row we'll get a week here and there from Oct-Mar

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