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HELP! brown/purple patches, slow growth, droopy plant!

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    HELP! HELP! brown/purple patches, slow growth, droopy plant!

    Growing in coco perlite
    I think we overwatered them and fed them too much too early. So we backed off and let them recover. Now the other 3 plants seem to be doing alright, maybe a little stunted. However, this one is worrisome.

    Temp has been around 80 humidity around 75.

    27 days old

    nutes have now been upped slowly to 655ppm but just went back down to 600ppm today
    Contents of feedings are about 250ppm calmag and the rest pure blend grow ph between 5.8 and 6.2
    led lights 24 hours on between 500-800 ppfd

    Run off has tested with lower ppm and higher ph than inflow.

    first time grower, let me know if I've left out any important info!

    If she’s almost 4 weeks if she was mine I’d pull her up and toss her and focus on the 3 that recovered.


    Unless it's in your way let it sit next to the others what do you have to lose. We're growing weeds they can take alot of abuse
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    • Bonnieandclyde711
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      Any idea what might be wrong with her?

    • MeEasy
      MeEasy commented
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      Looks like it was way over watered, still has a little color but it's pretty far gone and probably won't make it. I was just saying to keep it and give it a splash of whatever you are the others and who knows it might come around what do you have to lose. I wouldn't go out of my way and stress over it though

    • Bonnieandclyde711
      Bonnieandclyde711 commented
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      I mean she was doing good for a while after we fixed the water situation before she started showing these symptoms. Is it possible something else is causing it maybe?

    My guess is that you started feeding it too early.


      Your nutrients are too strong for such small plants. They really only need a little nutrition when they are that small and its easy to over do it. I cant tell from the pics but you will want to poke a bunch of small holes in your solo cups for drainage and air. If you do that with coco and perlite its almost impossible to over water.


      • Bonnieandclyde711
        Bonnieandclyde711 commented
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        Thank you so much! We weren't sure since the other 3 plants are looking pretty good. Do you think she's done for?

      • thefunkdrspot
        thefunkdrspot commented
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        Probably but you could continue to give just ph adjusted water for a while and watch for new growth.

      Ppfd is to high for that small plant, Especially since it is sick.

      is it a autoflower? Or photoperiod?
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      • Bonnieandclyde711
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      • Mr.furley
        Mr.furley commented
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        If it was a auto I'd say toss it but being a photoperiod you can help it by backing the light off, she hurt and burnt and needs to heel. If you need to take it out the tent for a couple weeks then do so, cut your nutes to half the veg dose (what nutes are you using?) For a week and if you have some kelp that would help along with the correct watering practice, flush, timing, Ph....

      • Bonnieandclyde711
        Bonnieandclyde711 commented
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        Thank you so much for being so helpful!

      Looks pretty bad to me, i would toss it. Lesson learned don't overwater.
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