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    Time frame

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Name:	Image_2021-01-03 19_32_30_334.JPG
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Name:	Image_2021-01-03 19_35_42_801.JPG
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Name:	IMG_20210102_110508.jpg
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ID:	478996 I am old my hands shake so what do you all think I am thinking 2 more weeks or so Click image for larger version

Name:	Image_2021-01-03 19_31_03_840.JPG
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    You still have a few weeks. The pictures you took are of the leaves. You want to look at the trichomes on the buds to determine ripeness. From looking at the pistils, it looks to me like you have 2+ weeks to go still. You want most of the white hairs to change to that reddish orange color and then it should be close.


      Yup this is the hard part is being patient, those buds will fatten up more and trichs on buds will start to turn a amber colour. Great looking plants. Be patient you won’t regret it. What strain? How long in bloom ?


      • dhll999
        dhll999 commented
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        Its white widow auto its day 71 cant remember the day they switched im thinking 6weeks ago

      • Wolfe0420
        Wolfe0420 commented
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        I haven’t grown a auto before but I’ve grown lots of photo plants nothing wrong with autos just personal preference and kinda sticking to what I know. So for budding time frames with my photos the most common is 10 weeks of bud not from flip but from when they show if it’s a sativa it could take longer. When I first started I used the breeders timeframe then I realized it wasn’t quite ready so I added a week or two ontop of that. Best purchase I made was a scope. The scope is like that magic tool that will reassure u when it’s time.

      I appears that your lovely lady is not quite ready for the big day. Coddle and seduce her for about two more weeks and you shall be rewarded. I have grown this strain before and I am sure you shall enjoy the results.
      Soil-3 gallon pots
      32"x32"x65" tent
      Double COB 800w. plus Single COB 100w. Light


        echo what the others are saying. also I start really looking when the pistils stop being stringy and tighten up toward the buds. this is my least favorite part I have a hard time aswell seeing the trichs
        If you get confused....listen to the music play


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