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    HELP! WW Autos

    I'm growing 4 WW auto's in Fox Farm Ocean soil. They are 5 weeks old and one of the plants has started to show some leaf damage on a few of the bottom fan leaf's. Other than that they all look great so I'm am a bit anxious to figure out what is going on. The more I've read the less I become of what is actually going on! Thought's and ideas?

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      I say this way to much, first thing to check with leaf issues is PH. PH being out of range is the most common issue with whats called deficiencies.
      Go here
      follow the links to "Read more" and you will find the first thing to check for is PH.


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        I've been really good with keeping my ph in check. I haven't checked the ph of the run off except for a few times and it's been in the 5.5 to 5.8 range. As for watering as mentioned i'm growing WW autos in 5 gal fabric pots with Fox Farm Ocean soil and feeding every time i'm watering. They seem to be growing great at 5 weeks and are 12" tall. Question, should I water until I have 10 to 20% runoff or not? I've read both ways using this type of medium and feeding liquid fertilizer. I seem to have to really soak the pot before I get any run off!

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        With the nutes I would say do the run off, it washes left over salts out

      Your ph is too low for soil. Should be around 6.5 or so. 5.5 is for coco or hydro.
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      315 LEC
      6" Vortex exhaust fan w/speed control
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      FF trio nutrients


        While you could possibly have leaf miners but I would bet on your PH being out of range. In soil, it should be between 6-7.
        Soil-3 gallon pots
        32"x32"x65" tent
        Double COB 800w. plus Single COB 100w. Light


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