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First indoor setup, is this right?

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    First indoor setup, is this right?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time growing indoor and I am very confused because I found too many information, but after days of researches I think I came up with something good:

    - 3 Quick One RQS autoflowers: 8 weeks, 60 cm max height

    - BudBox Lite - 60x60x140 - Grow Tent or 75x75x160

    - 3 Air Pruner Fabric Pots 8 liters 20cm X 20cm X 23cm

    - BioBizz Light-Mix Soil 20 litre (plus some extra perlite)

    - Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED

    I think that 3 Quick One with a max height of 60cm will fit good in a 140cm height tent, also the light seems to be appropriate for 3 autoflowers. I will then add 2 fan (1 in, 1 out I guess?), carbon filter, hydgrometer, heat mat and that's it.

    My biggest concerns is the light, the tents size and the number of the plants: in a 60x60x140 I can put 3 plants in 5.7 liter pots (20x20) but maybe they are too close ?
    while in a 75x75x160 I can put 3 plants in 8l fabric pots (22x22) and they will be fine I guess.

    What do you think ? Am I missing something ?

    Thank you for your replies <3

    I have the same light. It covers 1.5’x2’ for flowering. Or about 45x60cm


      if your doing autos 3 gallon pots are big enough mate but i would get the biggest tent u can if u want to do photos 5 gallon pots u need and once u get addicted to it u want to grow more and variety


        You can probably leave the heat mat out. It's probably not going to be needed. I don't usually use one because my lights heat the tents enough. Personal preference I think on that.


          you'll need some nutrients too and a way to check and adjust ph


            Also don’t see any mention of exhaust fan and carbon filter


              Looks like you have the basics covered. Good suggestion on getting a way to measure your water Ph & EC and to also grab a pen to measure your PPM. You likely won't need trellising, but its something else you can have at your disposal. Have a way to clean your scissors / clippers after each use


                After considering your replies and an advice from a friend of mine I think I will go with a single plant on a 11l pot (that friend of mine suggested to use a plastic pot but I am not sure if use a fabric pot that seems better ?) in a 75x75x160 tent with an HPS Optilux - Digital Dimmable 600w Grow Light Kits to use in 400w mode, I was scared using an HPS at first because of overheating but now the tent is bigger and I am living in a cold place and the tent will be next to the windows so in case I can open the windows and let the winter in

                I think this is my final setup and of course I will add hygrometer, 2 fan plus a little one inside the tent and I will check the PH of my water! Any thoughts about this?

                Thank you all


                  Get fabric pot plus u want to use the full 600w hps are u getting an intake and outtake fan i run 3 to 4 600 w hps heat is an issue but it is with any lights as long as u control it if u live in a cold place u want to concider when your lights are not on u might need a heater plus i would get a bigger tent 1 plant wont be enought to last harvest to harvest and if u get hooked on growing like a lot of us do u will want to grow as many plants and strains as u can mate it gets obsessive honestly and u want all the best gear mate


                    Definitely go with fabric or air pots. I agree with growell a bigger tent would be better, if you have the room. With a 120x120cm tent, you can grow 4 or 5 good size plants and get lots of weed to last a few months until next harvest. If you use a 75x75cm tent and only try growing one plant, you will spend more time in veg trying to fill your tent. Just something to consider.


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