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Question - Fungal Dominant Compost Tea & Organic Grows

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    Question - Fungal Dominant Compost Tea & Organic Grows

    Hi folks and thank you for taking the time to read this
    I have a question...I can see the benefits of bacterial compost tea in the veg and flowering stages of a grow cycle for weed but many sites recommend fungal dominant teas for flowering as well instead of bacterial dominant. I have done both but the fungal is a right royal pain compared to bacterial and considering it`s only used during the flowering part of the grow and fungal growths are not always the fastest growers I`m really wondering whether it`s worth just sticking to bacterial dominant and adjusting the types of bat guano, etc I add for feed for the girls. Teaming with Microbes book is leading me towards this thought process but I was wondering if there were any organic growers out there with a viewpoint on this. Any thoughts gratefully appreciated

    I am trying to learn as much as I can because I just started growing organic and I'm interested in reading any answers given to your question so I had to post something here to get notification when someone answers. I do have a recommendation to a well known site that has alot of info on it I'm pretty sure you have already heard of them but figured just in case you haven't I'd mention them GROW ON 😎🌲
    Grow for fun I don't smoke
    4 x 4 spider farmer tent
    6" exhaust G hydro filter / 4" intake
    2 x SF2000
    add 2 x 600w blurples during flower
    5 gal. Fabric / happy frog
    Earth Dust all natural organic
    😎 Sprouts in cups 11/9 😎
    3 x king of the north
    3 x blue dream
    2 x white widow
    1 x flo


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      MeEasy Hi mate and thank you very much for the above....if you haven`t read this it`s pretty much out there re info in general on all things microbial and well worth getting or downloading the pdf
      Yeap...been organic awhiles now and wouldn`t alter it...smell, taste, just an aside I don`t use plain water at all but either a feed or non feed compost tea and the girls` respond well to that but the ph swings are challenging and regardless what some growers say you really do need to be aware of the ph....anyway, thanks for above and good luck on your research-it`s a great subject to study mate

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