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Northern lights autoflowers

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    SOIL Northern lights autoflowers

    Hi everyone. This is my first grow (3 plants, all autoflowers) and I need some advice.

    My top buds seem to be done / almost done. The white hairs have turned a burnt orange colour and have curled in, but my bottom buds are nowhere near done.

    I want to know if I can cut my top buds without killing my plants? Every forum I look at, they say yes but there’s always 1/2 people who say you absolutely cannot do it. However, I would like to hear your experiences.

    I’m growing northern lights and have been growing outside/in my conservatory (no artificial light). I have been using biobizz products including their light mix soil. Thank you.

    Edit: I haven’t included pictures of my 3rd plant as it’s the smallest and seems to be budding all at the same time. They still have a couple of weeks to go.

    The bottom most buds won't become anything more as they didnt get enough light or were in shades of the other leaves during the cycle. Those wont get like the top most buds.
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      Great looking plant !! I'm growing a Northern Lights also but it is photoperiod. Good or bad I have taken the tops off of my plants many times. But I am growing under lights in hydro. The plants kept on drinking the water and did continued to ripen. Good growing to all !!
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        Have you looked at the trichomes? The hairs are turning but the buds don't seem ripe. If you have not you will want to because I think you can let em fatten up a bit more and looking at the trichomes is the most accurate way to tell when ripe. Here's a couple pics I'm pretty sure you have probably seen but helpful if you haven't seen em. Also if you don't have a way to magnify them you can download an app for your phone I have one called "cozy magnifier and microscope " it works alright to see and photograph the trichomes but a jeweler loupe or digital microscope is much better


          I have harvested tops before and let the rest grow for another week or 2. Until they ripened more.

          I really dont think your tops are done enough for me personally. I would wait till most of the bottom ones have brown hairs too. I dont have a jeweler's loop so..
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