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What a Long Strange Year Its Been

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    What a Long Strange Year Its Been

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    What on earth is going on with our Mother Nature? Nothing in life seems normal this year. Went out on the living room balcony early this morning for my coffee and the paper and saw that my blackberry is flowering again. For the third time since February. Threw the board in the truck and headed to the beach for a memorial paddle-out for a surfing buddy that recently passed. We didn't even have to wear our wetsuits the water was so warm. When I got home I went to the garden and found new blueberries popping up as well as the strawberries. Went upstairs to check on my girls and found many their branches keeled over from bud weight. A few days ago I gave them all one last nutrient feeding before harvest and never have I seen buds swell like these have in only a few short days. Went out to mow the lawns and WTF? The Crepe Myrtle is starting to flower again. Anyone else noticing strange things going on? Somehow this all feels very ominous to me.

    Seasons are changing, I've been saying it for years. I feel we are a month or 2 out of sync compared to 30 yrs ago our summers seem a little later than they used to be (when we get them that is) with temps higher in August September time than in June and July. Although summer in UK this Yr was pretty good. Snowfall more often than not seems to come in January, February and occasionally as late as April. Whether it's just the natural evolution of Earth or mankind forcing mother nature to change and adapt I don't know but things are changing.
    3'x3'x6' Secret Jardin grow tent
    Fox 6" carbon filter and fan with acoustic ducting
    Kocheal 2000w (actual 255w) Led
    Couple of fans for airflow
    First grow 2x RQS Fat Banana 1 x Silver leaf Critical crack og. All photo
    Soil, plain multi purpose compost with perlite added
    Nutrients - Bio Bizz Calmag, Grow and Bloom.

    Yellow under blurple makes fluorescent orange 😀


      Well we are some 30,000 yeas over due for a pole shift, the Earth is wobbling around like a spinning top running down. The North pole is moving, last I read was 4" a year toward Oregan. But what do they really know?


        I hear ya crucialbunny along with the weird weather it just feels like a perpetual full moon. Weirdness everywhere...
        Banana Kush x 4 by ILGM (Harvested and Curing)
        3x3x7 Gorilla tent
        HLG Elite 360 LED Full Spectrum
        6" Jetfan exhaust w/ carbon filter
        Auto Pot system w/ air dome(s)
        5 gal Smart pots
        PH'd water 12 gal res w/ circulating pump
        CX Horticulture Hydro Parts A & B, Regeneroot, Wilt Guard, Mighty Growth Enhancer, Mighty Bloom Enhancer, Head Masta


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