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Cannabis grow books - any suggestions?

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    Cannabis grow books - any suggestions?

    I'm in need of some new reading material and thought to ask if any of you has some suggestions.

    I've read a fair share of Cannabis grow books and if I had to narrow down my favorites, they would be:

    For the grower just getting started - Cannabis, A Beginners Guide To Growing Marijuana by Danny Danko (former senior editor at High Times)

    For the intermediate to advanced grower - Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes (Grow legend)

    For people interested in breeding - The Cannabis Breeders Bible by Greg Green (he also wrote an excellent grow book too)

    Interested to hear if you have any recommendations.

    The two main books i have used are Jorge Cervantes Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible for quick reference and basic to intermediate knowledge (really use GWE for basics mainly)

    and Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower's Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation for advanced topics

    EDIT: I m not trying to sell btw just posted link so you could look at books
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      Tersky Thank you for the suggestions. I haven't tried any of the ed Rosenthal books yet. I know he has done some recent ones on concentrates, but that isn't really my thing. Ed is a legend in the Cannabis world though, thank you for the links too, I might have to pick that one up. Cheers!


      • Tersky
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        It's definitely more in depth. It was hard to kinda read some parts as it reminded too much like a textbook and my eyes would just start gettin' heavy lol. It is more sciency but still great info. Goes in to depth on everything from growing to cannabinoids and the effect on the body to terpene profiles ect. Full disclosure, i still have not read all of it yet and i've had it for years.

      The Cannabis Encyclopedia definitely reads like a textbook. I fully understand the "eyes getting heavy" bit. Took me about a month to get through the 600 pages of that beast. I think that a lot of his info from the other books he did were compiled into the Encyclopedia. It's great, but you better like textbooks Luckily I do, I also read volumes of boring studies, because there is scientifically validated information in there.

      The Danny Danko book was such a nice and easy read, only took me two days to finish that one. Really is a great book for starting out.


      • lalaland
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        I refer back to Jorge’s Cannabis Encyclopedia often, but it is pretty damn dry! Super Informative though, and that bud on the cover!♥️

      • ChadWestport
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        I want that bud on the cover!

      I really enjoy Ed Rosenthal's blog "The Guru of Ganja". You can scan through and read whatever interests you at the moment. Just read his blog on collecting kief last night.


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          Ran into this site offering many seldom seen books on cannabis and several other somewhat related subjects.



            Wow I remember marijuana botany. Had that memorized back in the day.


            Who needs a Grow book. All the info you ever gonna need is right here. Just go through Nebula's tutorial you'll learn everything you need.
            "Treachery and Old Age will overcome Youth and Skill"


            • SoOrbudgal
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              Hats off to you kingfish got alot of new forum members preaching to the choir a new tune.

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