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Staged Harvest and Solar Quick-Dry Results

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    Staged Harvest and Solar Quick-Dry Results

    I had a bout with the "Screaming Meemies" last night (anxiety) and decided today to begin my Alaskan Purple harvest. I selected the smallest, larfiest cola. I then plucked the buds off of the stem and into a baking pan. I'd set up my solar oven and put the buds in about 4;30 p.m. I had the lid propped open, to facilitate airflow and prevent cooking/decarbing my bud. It's a common dehydrating technique in the solar cooking world. I bet there are tons of stoners who have regularly done this but just never bothered to share online.

    I just collected the bud at 7;30 p.m. and vaped the smallest one. My Alaskan Purple is potent, although I may be detecting a hint of raciness. I may just have to devote a portion of my harvest to isolating the best practices...

    A his own mind - Grower's Choice 315 W LEC, 4' X 2' X 5' Tent GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite

    Ooh. Dehydration. The D word. Good idea going with the vape instead of burn. There are one gallon bubble bags you can use to get hash out of smaller amounts. And let's not forget my favorite, blasting. You can hash or blast fresh weed for another one of my favorites, live resin. I have a tube that holds an ounce and one that holds a few grams for quick quality checks.

    Do it dudebroman BR2K . One of them, anyway. Patience is a maternal fornicator and only virtuous to suckers. There are ways to circumvent patience.
    Dabs well with others
    Pineapple Kush Fem - 4 x 5 gal - 09/19
    3'x3'x6' tent
    Big Bud regular - 2 x 3 gal - 10/10
    2'x3'x4-1/2' tent
    HLG 360 Elite
    Viparspectra 350W LED
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farm nutes
    FF nutes foliar spray
    Root Excelurator Gold


      Hey BR2K was just having a look at your post and saw that you are harvesting Alaskan Purple. Due to still waiting for seeds to arrive from overseas, I have some clones coming this weekend for my next grow, two of them Alaskan Purple. I only found out yesterday and havent had much of a chance to do much research on them. Do you have any advice/tips that you might want to share for the grow? Cheers.
      second indoor grow for 15 years.

      2 x White Widow
      2 x Gelato OG
      6ft x 6ft BudBox Pro White
      4 x 37litre(10 Gallon) Bucket Company pots
      70% Coco 30% Perlite
      2 x ES 300's
      Professor's Nutrients feeding program(slightly modified)
      ISO-Max 200 exhaust fan with filter


      • BR2K
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        Knock on wood, it's been the easiest of all 10 plants I've grown. One seed dropped, one seed popped.

      • newbutoldgrower75
        newbutoldgrower75 commented
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        Thanks for that BR2K, looking forward to seeing them grow, beautiful looking plant. Cheers

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