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diluted dish detergent damaged my plant

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    diluted dish detergent damaged my plant

    hello: This my first post in a few years. I have a really healthy 6' plant few weeks old growing well In Happy Frog soil . Really nice. I notices thrips on the plant so I decided to treat it with diluted dish detergent to kill the thrip. I have used dish detergent on other types of plants with no problems. I sprayed the whole thing and the next day everywhere that got sprayed had turned brown and started to claw It's stillll alive but very sick. I know what a dumb mistake. I should have tested on one leaf first with a soap proven to work on MJ. Anyway lesson learned. What should I do? Should I trim off all the brown bits right away or wait a few days or a week to see what happens? I don't want to tree it anymore. Any comments wold be welcome. Thanks. dairyman

    I would rinse the plant off really well to remove any residual soap. I wouldn't cut anything off yet..see if it perks up at all.
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      Why not use alcohol mixed with water ??

      I just had them in my grow. And i sprayed Every night just before light were out, for a whole week. And I have nothing left.
      Even worked with spider mites as well and aphids.

      try washing the plant like homegrown is suggesting.


      • hairyman
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        Captain: thanks for the reply. What proportion of alcohol to water do you use? Hairyman

      Peroxide will clean and give a good boost of oxygen. 1-4 tbsp per qt of the regular brown bottle hydrogen peroxide. I spray with this mix at least once a month but can be used daily
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        I basically agree. Spray/rinse the whole plant to remove any residue but do not remove anything that isn't completely dead. While the solutions using peroxide or alcohol may well work, you plant has received enough shock, it doesn't require any more at this time.


        • CaptainWiese91
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          You won’t shock the plant with alcohol

        Thanks everyone. The plant has perked up again although it has been in shock. All existing leaves are curled and deformed but the newest growth is starting to look normal. Once it recovers I will post a pic. Thanks again.


          I mixed up some dish soap and Neem oil a month ago to battle thrips and damaged some plants twice over. I used concentrated dish soap (first mistake!) and also didn't realize that lights on leaves wet with Neem oil will burn! My grow books recommend using Dr. Bronner's instead of Dawn for insecticidal purposes. I switched to Lost Coast Plant Therapy and sticky traps a few weeks ago and have almost entirely gotten rid of the bugs.
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