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Harvest/Spider Mite Advise needed!!

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    HELP! Harvest/Spider Mite Advise needed!!

    I have a spider mite problem. I have tread multiple times with spinosad, neem oil twice and most recently an alcohol water mix. While I believe I have kept them at bay I don't believe I have eliminated the problem. I think part of the problem is the other plant in my greenhouse which I have also treated accordingly. My girl is getting close, but I don't think she is quite ready for harvest. Probably needs a couple more weeks. In spite of my efforts twice this week I found webbing, once in a bud and today on a leaf so I know spider mites are present. I don't know if I should continue to treat and wait it out or if I should cut my losses and harvest now. The other issue is regardless of when I harvest, I have to bring it inside. I cure my buds inside. I also grow inside. I'm worried about brining the harvest inside if it has spider mites. My indoor plants have their own bedroom and are in a tent. I have been very careful not to wear the same clothes in my indoor grow area that I have been in the greenhouse with. I also don't open the tent if I have been in the greenhouse unless I have showered first. As a side note.... I wonder what's making me paranoid?? lol. I am really worried if I bring the harvest inside I will bring the mites in too. Does anyone know if these things will continue to live indoors on harvested buds? The harvest from this outdoor plant should be quite formidable and I don't want to loose it. Help please!
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    First off let me say that you have an impressive garden there. I have heard good things about using Azamax on marijuana for mites. They say it is really important to spray your soil as well as the plant. My daughter had them a couple years ago and we treated with vinegar and water. Setting up fans for a good breeze across the leaves and soil is supposed to be helpful. As for bringing your harvest indoors I would suggest washing your plants before you bring them inside. I was very dubious of doing this but tried it this year with a C-4 clone with no issues. In fact, I was just told yesterday that it smokes very nice. Good luck and I hope it all works out.
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      Really impressive photos! But I do see some bug damage on the leaves. You gotta spray and spray and spray. I've never had neem fail me but I've never had a girl that size! I would eradicate before harvest. My 2 cents.
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        I use ISO 50/50 with water, the alcohol kills the adults on contact but not the eggs so it has to be repeated as the eggs hatch. Spray the under side then the top and soak them good. Do this ever 2-3 days, no more than 3 days or you have new eggs to hatch. Treat them at least 3 times and then watch closely for the return. Also turn your lights off if inside (ventilation, maybe move them outside to spray), shade them or do it at dusk for outside so you dont get light/sun burns. No poison in here, the alcohol evaporates in in minutes leaving the water to evaporate (a fan helps here)


          I agree with using alcohol every other day for three treatments only because I've seen it work. I know you tried it but even if it doesn't work completely it would at least give you the ?two? Weeks you still need. Then I would at least research washing your buds at harvest before taking them inside, I haven't tried it but I've been hearing good things and I haven't grown outside in years
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            I appreciate the advise. I haven't heard of washing buds before. I'm not sure what they would involve but I will look into it. Thanks,


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              Yeah I don't know the recipe exactly but it's peroxide, baking soda, and lemon juice. Even some indoor growers are getting into it because I guess it really takes any harshness out of the smoke. Like I said before I haven't tried it yet but thinkin I might try it on a few colas at the end of this grow

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