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    Just when you think you got a bead on the ball, mother nature seems to be able to pull a rabbit out of her hat and make you double clutch. A few weeks ago I had two plants begin to flower early and then suddenly re-veg on all the top colas (Pic 1) The crazy part is the lower secondary bud sites continued to develop. (pic 2) I broke out the microscope today and those secondary buds are already sporting some milky trichomes. I have a couple questions maybe someone can help me with, First, has anybody else dealt with this issue before? Second, do you think it's feasible to harvest those secondary buds when they're ripe and leave the upper colas to develop? I've done the opposite before with no issues. There are 8 main colas averaging 10-14 inches on each plant and seem to be the same strain, I would hate to lose them. They smell magnificent of pine and citrus. I have in total about 35 plants and these two are the only ones that are doing this. Normally my harvest comes mid October but this year I have a number of different strains going and I have a feeling they will be all over the map. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    I know that I've heard other people saying that they were having plants flowering this summer and not just 1 or 2 I mean like 10 different people. I don't know how many of them exactly but a few got their seeds from seedman. Did you? I'm kinda leaning towards a DNA issue like maybe tainted pollen with some auto DNA? I'm completely guessing and not accusing seedman of anything.

    as for your buds that are trying to ripen I'd say cut em when they look right. It shouldn't be any different than a regular half harvest or even a defoliation. It's probably a good idea to cut em because they are taking nourishment from your main producing colas.
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      I'm one of those few growers that don't buy into the redirecting nourishment and energy thing by removing secondary buds.. I've done it on a few occasions and simply couldn't see a significant difference in size or potency of my main colas. While secondaries don't have that big beautiful cola look I have yet to meet someone who can tell the difference in a blind smoke test. I also have to factor in that I use all those nuggets and my trim in making edibles and topical balms. I have a daughter who suffered a catastrophic brain bleed at 17 years old and as a result she has seriously spastic muscle problems that have left her in a wheelchair for the past 20 years. The balms help ease the muscle tightness and the edibles help her sleep at night. I've been out of product for a bit now so these should allow me to make a couple small batches for her.It has been a strange grow season for sure for not just my crop but my vegetables and berries as well. Makes me wonder if we're not in for a strange winter and our plants are telling us something.

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