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    Topping and bending advice


    I recently obtained a clone from a friend and about 3 weeks ago I topped it and began bending it. Outdoor growing. I am in Livermore Cali so I expect the vegetative stage to continue for about 4-6 more weeks. Am I doing this right? Should I continue to top the new growths? Am I correct in bending larger growths out of the way for the smaller growths to be exposed to sun? Plant is being fed high nitrogen fertilizer right now and will shift to high PK end of August.

    Circle it around the pot.
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      Should I top it again? I only topped the main cola


      • crucialbunny
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        If you're bending there's no reason to top outdoors. New tops will develop all along the arc.

      • Toker1
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        I’m not a fan of just bending. I like to top early on, then bend the branches from there. More even branch growth imo. Bending only makes my girls look lopsided.
        I wouldn’t top at this point in time though.

      I’m near you. 4-6 weeks is doubtful. I was just contemplating this myself. Last year I harvested Late September and early October.
      if the clones got 24 or 18 hours of light then went outdoors, they might start flowering sooner. Right now we are at 14 hours of daylight. I would think normal flowering would begin 2-3 weeks or so from today. Just my estimate.
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