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    New grower bubbleponics shopping list

    Hi everyone. I recently got seeds from seedsman and am looking to try growing indoors using bubbleponics in a 3x3 grow tent. I'd like to get some confirmation that I'm on the right track. I'm trying to be sorta cutting edge and I want to have room to expand a bit in future grows (I currently only have 5 seeds to try). Most of the things on this list are directly from the bubbleponics article, but I want to be sure before spending the time and money! Here's my shopping list:
    • Tools
      • hole saw
      • electronic pH meter
      • usb microscope
      • gardening twist ties
      • battery powered water transfer pump
      • rope ratchets
    • Nutrients
      • hydroguard
      • ph up/ph down
      • GH Flora Nutrient Trio DWC schedule
    • Grow container
      • sterilite 10 gallon tote
      • 3.75" NGW net pots
      • EcoPlus 185 Submersible Pump
      • DiG Corps 6-outlet Adjustable Drip Manifold
      • 1/2" male NPT to 1/2 barb
      • EcoPlus 2 Air Pump w/ 2 Outlets
      • 3/16" internal 1/4" external diameter vinyl tubing (clear)
      • 1/2" internal 5/8" external diameter vinyl tubing (clear)
      • air stones
      • Titan Controls 734100 Apollo 8 2-Outlet 24-Hour Analog Timer
      • hydroton rocks

    Thanks folks!

    Howdy mtgshmoopy, Looks like a start. I have one big problem with the list, DO NOT use clear tubing! It call allow light to leach into the reservoir and allow algae and root rot to start. Use only black (or a dark color). Also You should have a digital thermometer to check the water temperature (it needs to be between 62° F and 70° F) and a way to cool the reservoir (I use ice bottles in one of the net pots (with the bottom cut out)), You will also need a means of testing the pH level of the nutrient mix and water (I use pH litmus test strips, others prefer meters).
    I use four 4 inch by 2 inch air stones in each reservoir for aeration and I insulate the outside of the tote to help keep the temperature down. Also I cover the hydro tron pebbles with aluminum foil to keep out light.
    Good luck with Your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Thanks very much! I thought clear would be best to troubleshoot problems with flow so I'm glad you brought that up!

      One question I forgot to ask in the OP: is a single 10 gal reservoir with 6 net pots as described in the bubbleponics article enough space for my best case scenario of 5 plants? If not, how many can comfortably fit in a single reservoir?


      • DW2
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        I have had up five plants grow to harvest in one 10 gallon (used capacity of 6 gallons) tote, but they did not grow very large, The plants seem to struggle when there are more than two or three plants in a tote. There always is one or two plants that appear to shade out the others and even 'attack' the other plant's roots. I start five seeds and plant all of the sprouts and either by nature, or my culling the lesser ones, wind up with two healthy plants in each reservoir. on my last grow I finished with one plant in one tote and two (one was very small) in the other. The two plants yielded 7.631 ounces of bud and the single plant yielded 7.033 ounces, not too bad over all.

      As stated above...Clear tuning can lead to light leaks inside the reservoir. I suggest black tubing as well. PH pen for sure!
      Light hanging ratchets for moving the light up and down. Osolating fans for the plant canopy and extraction fans for the heat. Fan with filter if smell is an issue.
      Also, you may need a water chiller if temps are up there. A water temperature probe is good to check on water temps.
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      4x4 600w HID empty for summer
      3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
      2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
      running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


        My first grow I had 5 in tote Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1357.JPG
Views:	175
Size:	1.54 MB
ID:	433817 this picture was taken just before I separated them. If you don't top them and used a scrog setup to pull them away from each other it might work. In both my 2nd and 3rd grows I had all 6 plants I grew in 1 tote through first 1/2 of veg and before the roots could intermingle I moved the 2 plants from each of the 3 strains I was using into a tote made to hold 2 plants. I do plan to do a grow with 6 in a tote using clones from the reveg grow I'm currently doing.


          Thanks y'all. I'll be sure to get black tubing and a carbon filter. Probably won't need a water chiller but I'll look for one to have just in case it becomes an issue.

          I have auto-feminizing seeds so I'll only be training them (using the auto-feminizing seed guide for training on here). I'm hoping that will mean they're a bit smaller and won't become monsters!


            If you're using autoflowering seeds, I would probably do 2 in the 10 gallon tote. I have a single girl (photoperiod) in a 10 gallon tote that's about 4' around and 3' tall last time I measured (probably taller now). Only had her in veg for about 6 weeks I think. 1 photoperiod plant could take up your whole tote and tent as well, just to throw that out there.


            • mtgshmoopy
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              haha yea! Autoflowering, not autofeminized. I have autoflowering, feminized seeds. Thank you for the advice. I'll definitely double up on supplies to make a couple reservoirs.

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