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2 plants, 2 problems

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    HELP! 2 plants, 2 problems

    Hey guys, thanks to the help I got here earlier my grow has been going amazingly! Unfortunately now 2.5 weeks into flower I have different problems with my plants. One is fairly obvious, other one I could use help with.

    Main question:
    The Ayahuasca Purple I can't quite diagnose. Looks like maybe a potassium or magnesium deficiency (or both)? Kind of double guessing myself though. I've managed to keep runoff PH at ~6.5 pretty consistently. Using fox farm nutes.
    Click image for larger version

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    The strawberry lemonade looks pretty clearly like nute burn. Tips curled up a bit and burnt. I would not be surprised if I accidentally watered it with nutes twice in a row, since it's taking water far more slowly than the other (it's tall but it's a much less dense plant).
    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks in advance everybody
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    Are you having trouble with heat? To me it looks like heat or ph. How is the ph going in do you fluctuate alot? Like 6.0 on one then 7.0 on the next watering... water runoff ph is a little different because if you get a 1 qt runoff and a 2 qt runoff the ph will change. You dilute the salt that's in the soil with the more water you pour in. I hope that this made sense I think I got a little confused and I wrote it
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    All growing in living soil using Earth Dust
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      No heat trouble, the SL got a little close to the lights right after going into flower because it grew up like 8 inches one day, but the air intake for the tent is directly hooked up to an ac that runs all day, so it's usually ~70 during the day, and 65ish at night about 1 foot below the lamp.

      Ph fluctuates a bit on the intake, from 6.3 to about 6.7. Not a ton.

      No problems understanding, thanks for chiming in!

    It doesn't appear to be a nutrient deficiency. Often times when the tips of your leaves along with the serrated edges discolor you're looking at a nutrient burn. Yours doesn't look serious. Try a few water only feedings and if the new growth isn't showing the same issue just ease up on nutrients for awhile. Good luck


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      Oh interesting, when I looked at the nute burn page they don't have any pictures with the edges like this, but they do mention it in the text, which I missed.

      I had noticed that the nute schedule from fox farms mentions doing flushes and I have never flushed, so I'll probably skip a round of nutrients and do the next watering or two with plain water (well, I'll still add calmag I think since it's RO water, which should bring it back to basically like tap water from my understanding).

      Thank you!

    Is that pot big enough do you have drainage holes?
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      Yeah they're in 5 gallon buckets with tons of drainage holes on the bottom as well as all over the sides air pot style

    The 1st pic does look like a light case of nute burn but my 1st thought was that it looked to me that you got the light right & the fan leaves are praying which is a good thing.


      It's possible the discoloration on edges could be a genetic mutation as well.


        Flush the shit out of em, wait til they're dry , and then resume neut. water schd. Good luck, grow on.


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