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3 leaf plant??

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    3 leaf plant??

    This is my first time growing and my plant only has 3 leaves per fan in comparison to the usual 5-7. It appears to be healthy for the most part but have noticed some spots on it where new growth has started. Open to any kind of suggestions or diagnosis..

    I'm not sure what strain this is btw, I found it in one of my personal bags a few years back and held onto it.

    Its in a 3×3x7 tent under a 600w light

    Looks good so far. As she(hopefully) gets older her fan leaves will grow more fingers. As for spots on your leaves it's hard to tell underneath the led, take some pictures with natural lighting.

    ​​​​​​Heres a pic of one of the fan leaves from one of my current plants.
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      The one leaf that is tattered actually grew like that? I topped it after it developed.

      I just switched her LST to the other side today hence why shes a little sideways still


        Could be a little heat stressed or a ph problem but it is a slight problem and wouldn't be concerned unless it gets worse. Just watch your ph and the temperature in your tent. As for only three fingers she's a baby and will (should) grow more fingers later on let her grow a bit more before trying to train her then pull her over and tie her down so that lower budsites can get light
        Good luck
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