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    Understanding ppm

    Hello everyone , wondering if I can get a better understand about ppm readings. I have a ppm meter along with a ph tester. I am so confused on how to bring the ppm up so I can be in that proper range. I would love to fine tune this because I think it will make me more educated and make my girls happy, I'm new to the forum thing , but love the gwe site and is the only place I go for info. Looking to get pic posted and show my two gorilla glue#1 and my strange underdawg og. I give them the fox farm trio at half strength and use tap water , I keep scratching my head on the ppm . To all who give the time to this beautiful obsession thank you so much for all the help thank you

    PPM means Parts Per Million. That means it measures dissolved solids in water (salts ect) therefore it is measuring how much minerals are in the water (like nutes). To increase ppms increase amount of feed you put in your nute solution. To decrease ppm lessen amount of nutes.


      I did read gwe article on ppm , it says what you said tersky, to increase nutrients. Reading and reading so much . I use half the strength fox farm trio . The girls look good , so maybe I'll increase nutes. Here is a big ?. Do I increase each nutrient by a milligram until I get the proper reading , thank you so much for helping . Don't want to overdose on nutes, thank you


        Soil? Hydro? Coco? Each one has a different variable.
        I'll teabag your drumset.


          3 years ago I posted this info and asked nebula to update the ppm articles on the main site. Updating info isn’t a priority on the main site.
          theres a cool video and some charts with meter and nutrient brands’s scales


            IMO, if your girls look good you shouldn’t change anything.

            There are basically 2 schools of thought when it comes to feeding your plants. Neither is right or wrong, just grower preference.

            1. Slowly increase the ppm’s until you see slight burn and then back off.
            2. Feed moderate ppm’s until the plant shows deficiency, then increase.

            I fall into the 2nd school of thought, so that’s where my advise comes from.
            Failure is an opportunity for improvement!!

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              Wow thank you guys , mr furley, sound like a legend, thank you for responding , I keep going to your guys posts, reading all night . So much info , absorbing the knowledge. Very very hot the next couple days, might bring girls inside with this heat .


                If it helps, I can't let the ppm go past 800 (or 1.6 EC) in the 4x4 tent without burning my plants. I also haven't found the upper limit for Blueberry in the 3x3 tent but it does fine at 400 ppm (.8 EC). It's at 450 ppm now after its weekly feeding.
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                  Here's the soil feeding schedule for FOX farm it shows the ppm that you should get with each combination and it tells you when and how much. The only change I had to make was after ten weeks of flower the girls showed they needed a little nitrogen so I added 5ml of grow on one feeding and on my last grow I added molasses
                  good luck
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