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First time grower here, can someone help??

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    HELP! First time grower here, can someone help??

    So my plant is a little over a month old and I am growing outdoors. I recently transplanted into a 20 gallon container about a week ago and also changed the soil to roots organic. About 3 days ago I fed its first liquid nutrients which is what I believe caused the yellow and brown leaves (nutrient burn). I fed 10 ml of nutrients in a little less than a gallon (Im thinking this was too much too soon). Like I said this is my first time growing so its a learning experience. If someone could confirm its nutrient burn that would be great, but also inform me how to treat this issue. Also could someone advise me on the state my plants are in, are they healthy, etc? Any advice is truly appreciated!

    Hello and welcome aboard............ It would be a great help to all reading this,if you include as much info( type soil,strain,indoor or out auto or photo etc.) will help everyone to solve your problem. Go to the main page and search your specific topic. Read,read,read and don't stop and don't be afraid of sounding dumb. Good Luck


      What nutrients are you using? What does the manufacturer recommend to feed?


        Hey jharnais Pluck the dead, yellow leaves so you stop looking at them. Well, pluck them and look at them real close, all over, for bugs. If you're sure it's nute burn and not pests, flush with plain, pH'd water. I don't know your soil but the best way to get rid of excess nutes is to flush them out.
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          The new growth at the top of the plant look fine to me. If you recently re-potted then my guess is there's no need to fertilize yet. Remove the dead and yellowing leaves and aesthetically it's going to improve the overall look and you'll not be nearly as stressed.


            I’m a beginner too but damn, the ones with the yellow and several dark spots on the edges look bad. Check for pests and if you can rule that out, it’s definiely a problem with your nutes. 10ml per gallon seems like way too much to me as well. What nutrients are you using, and always follow factory recommendations on feeding or even go a little less than recommended. I’m barely considered an intermediate grower, but here’s my 2 cents: When it comes to plant nutrients, less is more! I also think it’s better to feed too little than to feed too much.


              I’m just going to throw this out in the open.
              how much and how many time do you water the plant ?
              and what about your PH levels ?
              if your PH levels are on spot, then maybe you have some roots issue. It could easily be nute burn, but to be honest, I’m a little skeptical.. I could of course be wrong.

              If you can rule out PH levels and bugs, I would say roots issue or a lockout
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                Agreed, it looks more like a pH or root issue. If it were nute burn I would think it would be showing in the new growth as well.

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