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Opinions on tap water

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    Opinions on tap water

    Hello folks

    For the past couple of grows I have used distilled water for my plants.
    PH 7.56
    EC 4
    PPM 3

    However I am burning through electricity with my water distiller which is on 12 hours a day nearly to keep up with water requirements.

    I am seriously considering tap water as the plants are drinking so much now that I don't have enough distilled water to measure 20% runoff and I don't want to cause a root lockout with nutes.

    Obviously the PH is corrected before the plants receive it.

    My tap water measures as follows:
    PH 6.85
    EC 134
    PPM 67

    Do you think it would be OK to feed tap water with nutes in this instance? Should I conduct any further testing on the tap water?

    Have you guys noticed a difference between distilled and tap?

    Your experience and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Distilled water has no buffering capabilities - if you try to lower or raise the pH you just make the distilled water too alkaline or too acidic.

    Tap water is fine - also much easier to use - if you're worried about chlorine in the water - just let it sit overnight. Add your nutes or whatever you are using pH your water and feed to the plants.

    Just me and Ed's opinion.
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    • Willyd
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      I do exactly what Canuck said and as long as you check the ph your good. Get rid of the chlorine before ph'ing

    I sure wish i could say but i have well water which i fill up empty milk jugs with leaving it sit out to room temp. Why not just fill gallon jugs and leave them to sit out for days.
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      I only use tap water or well water. Have had no problems
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        You didn't mention what type of grow you're running and that will impact significantly any advice. I will comment based on the assumption that you are growing in soil. This is a question that will more than likely elicit many widely varying opinions. Personally I have never used anything but tap water for my plants. That being said, the type of tap water and its content can vary greatly from one region to another. If you want to be on the safe side I would run tap water into 5 gallon buckets and let them sit for a day or two to allow any water additives air out. I believe many folks are concerned with fluorides and chlorine additives. You can always PH the water before you feed to make sure it's within tolerances. I have been using my own homemade worm castings in my planting medium and the one thing I have noticed is that not once have I had to adjust for PH based on its runoff. Something about all of the beneficial microbes and bacteria in it seem to stabilize my PH perfectly. This does not seem to be the case with bags of commercial castings I have purchased in the past. I've read that commercial castings have been in essence sterilized and all those goodies killed off. This medium has also helped tremendously with pest and fungus issues. Maybe try feeding one or two of your plants with tap and determine if there is a difference in growth or overall health. Good question but probably going to be controversial. Best of luck -


          I've only ever used tap water too & as long as I check ph it's been fine. If you're concerned or hesitant do as crucialbunny suggests & try it on one or 2 & then compare.


            Hi Lolabird, You sound like you have gotten all the info on the local tap water however, if there is more info available on request, I would get it. Otherwise, tap water is river or reservoir water and chlorinated (along with sediment removal) so it is very natural except for the chlorine. I de-chlorinate my feed water with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). I think about 4-5 drops of 3% H2O2 would cancel/negate the normal level of chlorine. in tap water. Alternatively, there is probably enough "buffer" in a soil grow that would react with the chlorine so it does not matter for a few waterings. Good question, nothing else known, my opinion, you are successful grower.


              I use tap, but from the hose bib, before it goes through the water softener. Learned that the hard way.
              1st pic water softener - 2nd pic hose bib hard water.
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                I use tap water when I have no rain water, I will say check with your supplier they have and can give details on their product. My water co does not use chlorine, they use chloramine which does not evaporate from the water. I dont have any issues with it, I think my plants are doing good.


                  I use tap water. That's all I have ever used.focusing more on the PH than anything else. First two grows I used water right out of the tap set to proper PH. Third grow I filled a 5 gallon bucket and let it sit overnight again focusing on the proper PH. I don't see RO (expensive) or distilled water (hassle) in my future because my experience tells me it's not necessary, at least for soil growing. Just my .02.
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                  • Gjourney101
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                    How long did your 5 gallon reservoir last? I get tired of making jugs every week, thinking about balancing a 50 gallon container with pH water n keeping it sealed up

                  • golfnrl
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                    For me, 5 gallons lasted about a week. I grow in soil with autopots and use a reservoir. I filled the 5 gal bucket and let it sit overnight. Added the nutes, set the PH and poured into the rez. My first grow with the bottom feed system. I am impressed with it.

                  I started out in DWC using RO water but have switched to Tap water and having no problems.
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                    Hi everyone thanks for the input. I am growing in coco coir and perlite (40%). Used the tap water today so time will tell, I am in a soft water area, will keep a close eye on it. On the plus side the additional water has allowed me to measure runoff now and I was under feeding the plants so thats one potential issue now avoided. Thanks for all your helpful posts.


                    • SoOrbudgal
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                      Keep us posted post pics good and bad

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