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Harvesting crop after 5-6 weeks flower, opinions wanted

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  • Papapuff559
    Maybe make a drip system and hook it up to a timer or find someone trustworthy to water them for you? Tough spot to be in. I'm first-time grower too so not much else I can think of

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  • RobertKing
    I'll definitely buy identified seeds and give myself enough time for them to flower next time!

    Unfortunately outside is not an option in my high-rise apartment but thanks
    I suppose after 5 and a half weeks the bud will be extremely mediocre and under developed?

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  • CaptainWiese91
    A little hard when you don’t know the strain is a sativa dominant or an indica..
    If you left it for 5-6 weeks with my water - I don’t even think the buds will ripen after that - because water is vital for the plant - and the process will be slowed down or pretty much stop actually.
    Really hard choice you have here.
    no options taken it outdoors. ?

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  • Harvesting crop after 5-6 weeks flower, opinions wanted

    Hey all, this is my first grow and I've made a rookie mistake and am looking for opinions...
    I am flying out of the country in 6 weeks, and only just changed my lights to 12/12 yesterday

    What's my best course of action to get the best harvest possible?
    - Flower for 5.5 weeks, dry for 3 days and store?
    - Leave for whole 6 weeks and let the plant die due to dehydration while im gone, in the hope that the buds ripen up? I'll be away for 4-6 weeks though...
    - ???

    As for my setup:
    - 2 plants in soil, unknown strain, 100W basic eBay LED (spent $16 in total on everything, trying to save some cash and get a couple oz smokable bud for personal use)
    - Been growing for 6 weeks already at 18/6 light schedule

    Thanks a lot all opinions appreciated!

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