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Seedsman still havent gave me tracking number

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    Seedsman still havent gave me tracking number

    I ordered 23 feminized seeds from seedsman compant on April 25th. May 3rd they sent me a email saying it was on its way to local depot!! It has been 19 working days since i ordered them
    should i be worried??

    If it were me, I'd wait until Monday and give Seedsman customer service an email. It seems that it takes a minute or two to "cross the pond". I would think that you'd hear from them in the next couple of days.
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      I ordered some from them on April 18. I watched my email like a hawk and never got another one re my order until my it was delivered earlier this week.
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        Senters93 No, you shouldn't worry. I usually don't hear from them for 3 or more weeks, but they have never let me down and are my most trusted seed bank.
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          Agree with this. I got my third order May 16, the "on the way to the US" email came on April 23. My fourth order which will be here Tuesday, the email for that one on came April 27. Seedsman has been great to me, I tip my hat to their customer service. Be patient, they're coming just keep in mind that the postal service is backed up because of so many packages and a lot of them are short staffed. You'll have your seeds very soon !

        4/20 is a busy day for seed companies.
        try contacting customer service during the week day.
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          Are you past the initial delivery estimate they send? The won't do much I'd imagine if you're still in the original estimate window.

          I wouldn't be surprised if you got the tracking soon, but if you are past the window I'd just email them. Customs is probably slow right now with everything going on. Mine took a while too. Ordered on april 4 (got the shipping to depot that same day), estimated delivery of 17th to 24th, so 13 to 20 days later, and they actually showed up on the 28th. (so 24 days after I ordered, 17 business days after I got the "shipping to depot" email). Yours took a bit longer to initially ship, so it's been about 15 biz days since they shipped it. I was actually going to email at that point too, but monday morning before I could, I got the tracking number.


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