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    Nice journal, I also mess it up while mainline, in my case was for impatient, learn the lesson.


      Originally posted by FurnaceBoi View Post
      Planted 1 White Widow Auto - Crop King seeds.
      Planted 6 bag seeds. Bag "said" DC OG.
      planted seeds directly to soil.
      All 7 broke ground yesterday.

      Soil grow, 50/50 Promix, Root farm. 30% perlite added.
      Auto in 5 gallon smart pot
      DC OG in starter cups
      2 x 4 x 60 fusion hut tent
      1000w equivalent Morsen blurple light, 185 W draw.
      PH 6.5

      ​​​​​​​The rest of the details in photos.

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      Happy Growing White Widow perfect strain.


        Originally posted by Emiftz80 View Post

        Happy Growing White Widow perfect strain.
        Yes. One of my all time favorites.


          Day 30 from seed. All gowing well.
          GG4 seed sprouted and immediately died.
          Bubba Kush fem and Cheese auto looking good so far.


            One of my ventilation fans died. Moved everything to the tent. It's kinda badass lol


              Tried my hand at cloning for the first time.
              Ghetto incubator made from foam rubber, solo cups, bat insulation, two plastic drawers stolen from a rolling drawer bought at walmart.
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                Final topping on mainlines.
                Clones survived the night and have pointed up.
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                  Day 4 on clones. So far so good.


                  • SoOrbudgal
                    SoOrbudgal commented
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                    Dig it alot great job on the clones.

                  Day 36 from seed

                  The auto just decided...BOOM! Time to flower.

                  Plant 6 tricked me. Turned out to be another Male. And then there was one. Yes number 1. Was the first to sprout and the strongest since the beginning.

                  everything else doing well.


                    Day 37

                    WW auto is in flowering stretch. Growth is explosive. Will switch my part 2 to bloom now.

                    OG 1 : final 8 tops starting to grow vigorously. Re pot soon.

                    Bubba Kush fem repotted.

                    Cheese auto starting to establish. Rapid growth.

                    Momma getting bushy.

                    Day 6 on clones. Looks like they'll make it.

                    Last edited by FurnaceBoi; 06-21-2020, 03:42 PM.


                      Found a pot kicking around. Repotted and trained OG 1.


                        Auto is really pushing out the bud sites. I think I opened them ALL up lol. Did I miss any?

                        Really anxious to see OG 1 in flower. The same seeds in small pots produced a large cola naturally. I have a feeling with a mainlined stem, they will produce monsters.

                        My family is happy 😁😎💓


                          Um....just got another gift lol. Needs some work. It seems like I am now the rescue plant guy lol. 😜😜😂 I see more clones coming as I nurse it back to health. Nice big clones. 😁
                          Last edited by FurnaceBoi; 06-22-2020, 08:15 PM.


                            Added to garden.

                            Need to get the box running again.

                            Going to dry it out a bit then feed it. I'll top and start training once it looks vibrant. It's a girl. No bugs or disease, mould etc and otherwise seems healthy. Just wet and hungry.


                              The new plant was so wet, I drained 2 litres of sitting water out of her. The soil is good and loose but there were no drainage holes in the pot at all. I drilled dozens around the perimeter and a bunch in the bottom. At this point I decided it couldn't get any wetter so I leached it through, allowed it to drain and then fed it through.

                              I cleaned it up and topped it.
                              Already looking happier.

                              Got a T5 for my clone dome. The box is back lol.


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