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What's happening to my girls?

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    What's happening to my girls?

    Does anyone have any idea what this looks like?

    I just moved the plants from one area where they were hand watered under 600watts to my ebb and flow system under total 3kw (but spread out much more). The nutrient ratio did not change. While they were in the small area there was no visible yellowing of the leaves, and they seemed to be doing just fine. They are still in veg cycle, but since I moved them they are started to yellow on the bottom, with some leaves getting dry and falling off.

    I've had this problem with some of my plants in the past, and I can't seem to figure out what the issue is. I've been on top of the pH everyday, setting it 5.9-6.0. I thought it looked like a Nitrogen deficiency, but adding extra Nitrogen in the past hasn't helped (and I understand N deficiency to be pretty uncommon anyway). I considered that they might be getting too much water, so I cut down from 2x day to 1x day, but so far I'm not seeing much difference (I've tried this with previous batches with no noticeable effect). I flushed the plants recently with clean fresh water, to try to prevent any lockout or root issues, but no noticable improvement.

    It causes me such anxiety to see my ladies slowly dying from the bottom up... In previous batches it didn't seem to start until a couple weeks after bloom, so I was able to carry even slightly damaged plants to harvest with decent results. Now it is happening early, and I fear that I may lose the entire batch if I don't figure out what's going on.

    The only differences that I can see are change in container (containers were cleaned thoroughly) or the change in lighting. Going from a 600w to 3kw seems like a big change, especially given that the 600 is getting old, but I've never heard of a plant getting too much light (except for burns when it's too close to the source), and I would think that if that is a problem, that the plants would grow out of it as they get bigger and more used to the brightness.

    I'd welcome any ideas or suggestions.

    From that page it looks like a calcium deficiency to me. Do you have any CalMag solution you can add in? I'm still learning too so I'm not completely sure because I haven't run into too many different issues yet, but that's my thoughts.


      That's a good idea.

      I hadn't thought of calcium before (I've looked over so many deficiency charts that they're all a blur at the moment). To me, from that page you linked, it looks more like Magnesium, or maybe a combination of Calcium/Magnesiusm. I don't have soft water, so I didn't really think about that.

      In any case, I watered in some CalMag just a few minutes ago, and added some to the reservoir. Hopefully that will help stop the issue.

      Thanks so much for the advice! If I notice any improvement because of it I'll make a note here.


        Looks like the CalMag helped. I also upped the Potassium content a bit, but the girls are looking like they'll recover nicely. Thanks!


          Yep, those rust-colored splotches on lower leaves are a good indicator of a Ca deficiency.
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