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Manifolding Clones with uneven nodes.

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    Manifolding Clones with uneven nodes.

    I'm having trouble manifolding clones with uneven nodes. I have one to two inch gaps between new leaf growths. Having trouble figuring out where to top plants for manifolding. It's easy from seed cause the pair of leaves are directly opposite each other on the main stem but not the case with clones. I don't know if each leaf at the stem is considered a node or do I go up the stem to another leaf and count both as one node. Thanks!

    Node sets generally alternate at 90 degree angled pairs so you should see 2 growth tips that come out as a parallel pair and the next 2 will shift 90 degrees and grow as a parallel pair as well. Clones can grey the lines so to speak but they generally follow a similar pattern if not a perfect 90 degrees and perfectly paired together. Look for the direction the leaves are growing, if you have 2 consecutive growth tips with leaves growing out in opposite directions, you have a paired node. I generally take my clones with at least 2 full sets of nodes, it just makes it easier to determine the starting point. I also like to ignore the 2 sets that the clone had and start my manifold off of the first full node of new growth, it’s just more vibrant than anything that was on the cutting before it rooted.
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      "if you have 2 consecutive growth tips with leaves growing out in opposite directions, you have a paired node."
      After a lot of head scratching that's what I thought but wasn't sure so thanks very much Obi-Wan.

    I'm about to top a clone exactly like what you describe & having the same problem. I think I've come to the conclusion to leave 4 or 5 single -or 1/2 nodes- & LST them into a manifold. Long internodes gonna make it a little difficult to get them level.


      JDU that's what I have done when topping clones and it works great. I usually only leave the top 3 and flatten them out as much as I can while they grow. My hydro beast was done that way, 3 mains, and now she's about 3.5x3.5x3.5'. It's crazy how big it got with how little I did to it. JustBuddingAround I hope that helps you as well.
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      Here's another one I've got that wasn't even so I had some fun with her.
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