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    I come in anticipation all the time and look for something....its early I know.....But I truly can't wait for the sign of life.....

    Tell me about it. I have 13 seeds trying to germ right now all bag seeds. I think I stored them wrong. They are a cupple of years old tops the waiting game is always the toughest part of growing. Beginning to end


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      Go chant and meditate with the seeds you're tryna sprout

    We just got legalized and have my DWC set up and ordered my seeds from DMS.....I have 5 germing for my first time and can't wait......


      Hahaha you should see me playing professor in the tent with just a light and a seedling dome in there!!All cool and doing what? Just witnessing....nothingness....vast and endless....nothingness...Until!!! Counting from 0 to 4 days i saw the light!!!White wormy things coming out the rooters!!!I was like "Maaaaannnn come over they're aliveeeee!!Duuuude you gotta see this!!!",mate pops over,looks at the dome,looks at me...Checks the fridge to make sure no tabs or drops are in "The" shelf and laughs...

      The most exciting days of my life besides getting a negative result for my X's a pregnancy test!!

      All the light and love on your babies!!Bless!
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        You exactly right, Nartak: the miracle of birth, and they love it as we bear witness to the miracles performed...

      Really understand your excitement and concern at this point! Most of my early seed starting was so nerve wracking that I would scratch away so very carefully around the seeding site to see if I could spot something! 😊 I have learned a little more patience since then....and let the process happen without my nosiness. Hang in's worth the wait! 🌱🌱🌱
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        They say that patience is a virtue. Seeing that I have no virtues I empathize with your anxiety lol.
        It's not how crazy I am, but how much I enjoy it that makes me dangerous.

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        Current Grows: 1 mystery Auto 71 days, 1 White Widow Auto 62 days, 1 Amnesia Auto 62 days


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          If you wanna make God happy, grow weed... That's a pretty virtuous undertaking around here...

        It when you aren't looking that they pop out! Good luck.
        Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast

        First grow 600W HPS w/air cooled fixture growing in a CoCo and Perlite medium.
        2 BlackJack plants for my GF
        2 AK48 plants to broaden my own horizon


          Hi WSA

          So if you have a camera set it up in front of the babies just one is cool, take a pic everyday same time till it's 2 weeks old? You have to keep your mind busy on this grow it seems to go so slow but in reality it's fast I promise
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            Missed this thread yesterday. So happy to hear you are finally germinated. Keep us updated.


              Shopping for extra bulbs. Even though they are only $4.00 each. I guess I will shop elsewhere. The extra cost is worth it.
              Get a great deal with this online auction for bulbs presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Solis Tek Growlight Bulbs: 15+ Bulbs Hps1000W, 05-12, and...


                It can be agonizing waiting for them to do their thing. Growing indoors is a true test of patience.

                Whenever in doubt, wait a day.

                This mantra has served me well. You analyze the situation much more clearly in my experience with time.


                • Nartak
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                  The guy that got me growing always said that when i first met him...That and k.i.s.s

                Great advice royal . I always do that when I think I should water. Always do it when lights go on. So I always water the next day I decide to. Sometimes i even wait out another day just to be sure. This never happens outdoors with this 32C climate and full on sun.


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