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    if i understand correctly ??? i can use the alcohol on the plants ???

    things are going better re the spider mites ... totally cleaned out grow area with alcohol and bleach
    done 2 sprays now - 2nd time with conqueror oil
    3rd spray today will be neem oil
    I do have orange essential oil also - so that'll be 4th

    i understand that my problems stem from overwatering and wrong ph

    ​​​​​​​1st time indoor grow and what alot of new practices


      Would a spider mite infestation kill off a white fly, thrip, or aphid infestation?
      y' do the hokey pokey/and y' turn y'rself around
      3'x3'x6' veg and flowering tent
      HLG 360 Elite QB
      12/12 (5/16/20)
      2 - Caramelicious fem 5 gallon fabric
      1 - bagseed 5 gallon fabric
      1 - bagseed 3 gallon fabric
      Fox Farm Trio nutes
      Root Excelurator Gold
      Kellogg Garden Potting soil 60%
      Perlite 40%
      That's what it's all about!


        About half way into my flower stage I started to see the first signs of the little webs on one of my girls. All I could see to do was rub the little fuckers off as fast as I could see them. I just started my flush cycle and the buds still seem to be doing decent (for my second grow that is). I see here that capt jacks can be used thru the flowering stage, how will that affect the quality of smoke? Luckily my other ladies aren’t showing signs of them, I just want to be ready for if this happens in my future grows.


          I don’t care what the bottle says I’m not spraying isshhhh on my flowers. If I get pests at that point she is done and gone. Sometimes we have to just take an L and move on


          • dbdDemon
            dbdDemon commented
            Editing a comment
            That was my initial thoughts as well, I am hopeful I can keep her healthy enough to harvest.

          avid ..them fuckers..if your still in veg. half life is 45 days. the others are for your pmp.. prevent maintenance program. have 3 always in rotation... once you get them. they are hard to get rid of. like real hard...imo


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